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We all know that. Why's it? Anderson Cooper complaining about that? Right. It is. See, that's what I say. I don't know how deep this goes. I think that big Pharma somebody got to Anderson Cooper. It was more than just his hate for the president. There was something weird there because it's like, why would you not want to try this? I'm putting every integrity. I have my due diligence. Just like when I went on for the president. I wouldn't get behind something that doesn't work. I would ruin my whole platform. I not 90%. I know 100% of words. I've given it to my friends and family, and it's not even for sale. It's not like I'm selling. You think we're just wait for the FDA to say Go ahead and try it. Let's try this were the military pandemic. People are dying about almost out of time, but I want to make sure we get this others. Mike Lyndall, my pillow. You know, Mike Lyndall, You've seen him on all the commercials Do you have Ah, libel and slander case Are you going? Are you going to follow through with this or there? Are they already saying? What we're going to apologise your door retraction? What's going to happen here? We I just talked to Lin yesterday and they came back and said, We're looking into it. So Lynn wants to go. You know, he wants to go out, he says. We have 100% have one of the best cases, he said. It was the worst thing he's ever seen in all his years as a lawyer, the biggest declamation a liable suit ever. He said, This was horrible. They called me a liar. You know, I have a big platform. You're hurting thousands of employees. I have, you know, Take you trying to go after my integrity that you know, that's just It's just not right. And I think we have a case and I would like, I don't know positions who got to him and what their motivation was, because that'll have to all be disclosed. And by the way, if I do get any money, every diamond is going to go to my Linda recovery network to help addicts like I used to be across this country. Like you know, we queued up about 13 14 minutes in no time. Just a flat a blink. Even I can we do this again, My friend. Absolutely any time, but I appreciate you coming on. It's Mike Lyndall Goto my pillow dot com. That's obviously his company, My pillow. We want to know more about this product that you're talking about. I know it's not available is still in testing. And you guys it appears they're doing your due diligence. And by the way, if you got Ben Carson on your side Anderson Cooper has no chance. I'm just saying, I mean, Anderson Cooper is a guy who did that to you, because he thought it made for a good TV and it wasn't it was cringeworthy. I'm a host watching him do that to you made me feel bad. That's why how to reach out my thanks. A million Well, thanks for having me on I've got you that we'll talk to you. So we're back after this in the job, Paige show stay right here. This's the job. Paige ship More of the show, Paige show coming up on 6 30 Ko Theo Big.

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