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Is just not. It's like you get like fuck continue SNL digital shorts. It's great Lyra didn't watch it. Can you believe that it's so funny? The opening to the opening where he's like my name was hose name is Jose. And I'm Mark. Funny, lyra. I used to side note used to sit at keep his desk asserting anything written in there. He did. I would read his old notes, and it would give me excitement like because he had old pitch hitched one of his old pictures, but I would look at them and be like, and like I was so exciting because I didn't know him yet. And I was just like look at his if you don't know Brooks was got fired really quickly. Yeah, yeah. But for this short time, I was there. I sat in the lonely the lonely island's old offices and they had left stuff, and I would just be like a MAC. Aired really Allen was in here. And then and then they came and I told him about it, and then, like, oh for any kind of cleared out all its stuff. I was like us to look at. Hick out of your hand. Yeah. Was like I would look at this for inspiration. Look, you frame some of these let me just take the. And get the fuck out. Yeah. Yeah. Do not call me van. Great obviously why. Oh, Lyra said Jose Canseco came out and said he loved it. Of course he did. Mark Maguire really cool. Glad. Joe's also say co is always freaking out on Twitter, of course. He's gonna give his opinion wires in the public eye. Mark Maguire is a still a baseball hitting coach. Mark mcgwire. Spins those days like making firewood. No he has. He's a hitting coach where I think the fuck in Padres or something. That's crazy. Yeah, he cry. He cries in front of congressional hearings and tells people how to hit stay what you went about their rights. He hit baseball far. It has a Kinsale co the one who tweeted about his wife cheating on him a bunch. Oh, yeah. For sure. And also wrote a book about how he injected Mark Maguire steroids. And yet you do a deep dive on Hosic and sake. Waste a whole night for sure. It's very fun. I loved him because he hit dinger's, and he was very exciting to like, listen to. He was he's a crazy person. He's ripe for parody. Yeah. Okay. Lyra what's next ram of the world director, Mick G is back. Maybe. Minutes Charlie's angels. Okay. Here's what he made. Sorry, do the thing stranded at a summer camp when aliens attack the planet fourteen with nothing in common. Embark on a perilous mission to save the world. This is throwback to eighties movies and looks pretty fun. Only a few review so far, and they are all bad all bad zero percent.

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