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Eleventh american tourists Die in the Dominican Republic since last year, something's happening over there. around said that u._s. cyber attacks on its military had failed we have not confirmed that we even tried that while also hinting that it could be willing to discuss new concessions with washington d. nited states were to lift sanctions and offer new incentives let's hope that they get to the bargaining table mexico has deployed almost fifteen thousand troops to the u._s. mexico border according to its country secretary of defense the deployments come after renewed pressure from the trump administration on mexico to help slow migration flows northward mexico however is also called on the united nations and the united states to help with what they call a monumental task stockton john curtis online columnist dot com with this here john at least fifteen thousand troops along the mexican border will help on their side well i think it's going to help in a very big way i mean you know you're looking at trump putting enormous pressure with a sentence on on mexico and you know lopez over daughter their new president is very piece kind of peaceful accommodating sort of president we haven't seen that in mexico for quite some time mainly mexican president are you know have been over the last several years center fox and rica extremely tag mystic toward the u._s. and especially fox but i think lucas over door really seriously the commitment on their part to protect the southern border they've sent sixty five hundred troops to southern border total of fifteen thousand reservists and normal a mexican army troops are going to be conducting this operation i don't think it solves the problem because the problem failed states right but it does make a dent it makes a huge difference and i think you got shows that mexico's doing its utmost to cooperate with trump and i think you'll get his his free trade agreement signed certainly with over door and justin trudeau and so i think he's moving in the right direction track john curtis by going to website online columnist dot com thanks john new study has suggested a link between coffee in the activation of fat fighters in your body michael siemens professor at the university of nottingham and a co director of the study said researchers found that coffee can stimulate what's known as brown fat brown fat is a unique organ that is used for producing heat and burns fat cells quicker about that drink some coffee scientists have found a gigantic freshwater aquifer hidden deep below the ocean they say that if this was discovered on the surface it would create a lake covering some fifteen thousand square miles it's a surprising discovery of fresh water in the ocean hidden below the ocean amazing what else is going on these days in the skies let's check in with stephen cage dr sky high steve george while what a big night this is from any space fans and if of course you live in central florida just get set for the launch the first nightside launch that they're predicting for the spacex falcon heavy georgia volvos well the justed times the new schedule time is sometime around two Thirty AM eastern daylight time for an hour and Georgia, wouldn't that be amazing. What a spectacular light show. totally they're going to be launching some twenty four satellites it's part of a defense department mission this again certifies in many ways spacex to carry on with military missions but this one known as s t p to space test program to among the interesting side alleged is one that carl sagan had a long time ago the idea of launching a small solar sails satellite propulsion in space and how about this the remains of one hundred fifty two space in including a good and close friend of mine not bill pogue sky live fame he was up in space for eighty four days his ashes i should say we'll be of course more lies than space but something back in the history books george back on this date in nineteen fifty nine nasa agreed to pay for eight mercury redstone rockets at the amazing then price of twenty million dollars that was our beginnings of course with the mercury seven to launch humans into space george about a few hours ago there were six people in space but now there's three three three returning from the international space station just landing in central russia just hours ago on expedition fifty nine but you're always the listeners anything like this the live sky so if you wanna see some stuff george here's here's how we end this we talk about mercury easy to see look into the western sky north west of precise just after sunset this particular planet one of the most difficult to see about twenty three degrees from the sun take advantage of jupiter and saturn george they dominate the early evening sky easy to see with telescopes spectacular and last quarter moon adorn our morning tuesday's guys you have questions we have answers email me doctor sky that's the kyi show george we say that we love it and we mean always remember to keep your eyes to the sky thank you steven always love your astronomical reports the best up next david politis back with us a two part program tonight for the first half we're going to be talking about missing four one one the hunted his new documentary you can look at the trailer it's linked up at coast to coast a._m. dot com in our carousel real in the second part of the program tonight with david bigfoot wild men and giants his second edition that's really creepy story he's next on coast to coast a._m. see crane c._c. pocket radio is a great choice for gardening while you're getting out most of your favorite baseball game the pocket radio has unbeatable eamon f._m. reception it's got clear crisp audio for it's real small size and.

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