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At the market basket off ever to have with her boyfriend last Friday she's blinded her boyfriend is visually impaired their guide dog atlas was with them when they were trying to leave they dialed up not one but four overs they were denied service understandably upset about it they've now filed a complaint with the uber and I think once the driver to fully understand the importance of service animals and the role that they play for persons with disabilities I think that and that's when the real change can happen responded saying drivers who use their rapid no they cannot refuse riders with service animals Serra boyfriend wound up getting a lift who did accommodate in Chelsea Jim McKay WBZ Boston's newsradio twelve oh six we're getting new numbers today from the state's gaming commission about our three casinos last month those three casinos took in about seventy eight million dollars in gross revenue encore Boston Harbor in every taking in the line shared about forty six million and Jim Springfield next with just over twenty one million and playing bridge park came in with about eleven only comes to taxes Massachusetts gets about eleven and a half million from encore from both playing region MGM just about five million and change date the commission says the state has collected just about four hundred eighty eight million dollars in total taxes and assessments from those three facilities since they opened up their doors twelve AU seven out to California now investigators still trying to figure out why a sixteen year old boy walked into a school and opened fire killing two students and leaving three others hurt at point Santa Clarita then turned the gun on himself ABC's Matt Gutman spoke with some students who say they've been concerned a day like this would come for years seventeen year old hating Trowbridge told us he'd been drilling this with his parents since he was four years old this.

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