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That because i there were lots of days right like i would walk over to the bus and public transportation i would take that tour because it was you know that's when i worked downtown i didn't want to deal with parking downtown so i would take the bus every day now my schedule is so flexible fluctuates so much it's like nine in my car i can leave when i wanna leave exactly i could see why that would be important i know lots of people i know i have a client right now that lives in river falls wisconsin and they take public transportation because it takes them you know forty five minutes to an hour to get to downtown minneapolis and you know they can do all kinds of things right now on the bus you know working on their reports they can take nap you know they could just sit back and have a conversation with you know their neighbor right next door on the seat yep instead of being stuck in traffic driving themselves yeah and then you've got all of that expense you've got parking that you don't have to pay for you've got you know wear and tear on your car so there's there's money that can come off of your budget when you're trying to get qualified for house so people think well that's that's a silly question to have on my list as you know why do i care about traffic i'm talking about a house because the inner suburbs are super popular right right and so you talk about the different neighborhoods south minneapolis northeast minneapolis you're talking roseville people are really wanting to be there for those very same reason right they like the fact that it's close to their work but they also like the fact that they can shop you know on the fly yes they can they're all the really great restaurants that pop up all the time you could maybe walk to that or take a bike to that so you know your lifestyle is very important when you think about your house so those are things that you want to think about in addition to that you know we kind of touched on it loosely about the basement and the attic okay for very a lot of different reasons it doesn't have to be about attendant maybe you've got hobbies yes you know maybe you want to have a gym or something maybe you're into crafting and you've got like all sorts of camps or maybe you've got yarn that you liked to knit and things like that and so where are you going to put all that you've space you need base for that and basements are fantastic for space they're also good for tornadoes so and you know things like that emergency storage things like that if somebody's moving and you're like yeah i don't have enough time to you know can i put my stuff in your basement basements are fantastic for a lot of different reasons but you also have to keep up on basements what happens if you've got you know kind of not such a great foundation and you see that they're seepage in your basement that could be a spendy fix yeah you might have to we you know we recently had to do that in our neighborhood because there is some construction of the street and then now changed the way that the water was running when it rain so they had to regraded some stuff in our yard to stop having it come into the basement so yeah exactly keep track of all those so you know you wanna think about things like that you know maybe if you're looking at a property and it looks fantastic but it's got some musty smells to it maybe just does need to be regretted but maybe there's foundation issues where that's going to be fifteen twenty thousand dollars right i think that you want to think about it and talk to your real estate professional that's what we're there for is okay well let's find out how much something like that would cost worst case scenario best case scenario so if you're out there with shovel that's you know if you're calling up the wet basement people then you know not so fine right it's still probably not as bad as what i think a lot of folks build up in their mind all right we have some more great tips on some.

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