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Without risk is a wonderful tool to teach you how to make money, in the good times and not? Lose. Anything in the bad, times eighty five percent of the growth of the s. and p. five hundred and none of the losses adds up to a very. Respectable healthy rate of return without the risk mind you without the risk. Of being. In the market and a lot of people. Are afraid of the market, they don't like it they. Don't trust it we are deep into an aging. Bull market and so people are kind of scratching their heads going I wonder what it's, going to roll over but I don't have a crystal ball so I can't say I just know that I. Take a very conservative approach and make sure, that, when, the Times are good we're making money we're making good returns very respectable and. When the times are. Bad we don't have. To worry we're not losing any money the, market's not yanking dollars out of our retirement accounts we. Get to maintain our standard of living because, we didn't lose any money when the, when times were bad, and we get to enjoy the good times because we're making a decent rate of return All righty Let's see we've got a couple more, minutes here so there's something I wanna read. Real quick Then we'll come back to it after the break I says in June June six two thousand eighteen USA today reported that social. Security and. Medicare trustees had issued their annual report, about the financial health of these two programs I want to read that part. Or not how many Americans I the trustees report. First trustees reported that, social security, had entered into a negative cash flow that means we are now paying out more in benefits than we are collecting and social security taxes It happened many years ahead of schedule they said we wouldn't. Will we'll be we won't have to pay out more. Than we take in for years. And they threw. Out all different kinds of years twenty twenty two. Twenty twenty six twenty thirty three all. These different years got thrown out there guess. What it happened there's more money flowing. Out than there is flowing in this is a bad sign.

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