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A fun time should it. So new year. It's coming up the New Year's resolutions that everybody does what what what are your favorite New Year's resolutions? Brought to you make a resolution every year. No. 'cause I never can keep them always fail. So why set myself up the failure? Why not just be because mine was always exerciser being healthy. Why don't you just do it all the time where you are? Exactly. I actually have new completely agree with that thought process. Yeah. I don't for me. But I get that most people do they like, okay. Here's a key to spot on the calendar. It's a new year. I'm going to turn over a new leaf. It's going to be a new me. But I'm with you if it's October first Dirac Tober thirteenth or April fourth, and I decide something these that's what I'm gonna do it. I don't need. I don't wanna wait. I'm not gonna just do it whenever I need to do it. And that's how I'm going to. But people apparently this is a big thing that people make their New Year's resolutions in all the gym and fitness facilities count on that for the year. You're going to sign a contract and get locked. In and not actually go to the gym because they don't have the capacity if everybody actually showed up, so that's a totally different story. But there's apparently a study was done on this that shows how. Let's say not good at keeping New Year's resolutions. We are not so good at it. And I'm just I'm always curious. What is the resolution? Maybe you've kept one. Maybe you keep trying and you fail. What what is that for one five eight hundred eighty eight ten research conducted by I have never heard of this company Straub? A social network for athletes never heard of it. Apparently. I'm not enough of an athlete brat that I am not I don't know anything about this website. Anyway, they analyzed more than thirty one point five million online global activities last January, and they pinpointed the date when most people report failing their resolution. Anybody want to guess how long it takes before we fail to start going to the gym. And. It's it's early. We're we're we're horrible at.

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