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Associated with longer working hours for people from around the world and found 745,000 people died from stroke and heart disease related with longer hours in 2016, which is up 30% from the year. 2000, the director of the WH Ose Department of Environment, Climate Change in Health, says this study shows working 55 hours or more per week is a serious health hazard. The director hopes this new data will lead to more protection of workers. Jennifer Jones Lee Ko Phi News. It is slow on the 605 in industry. This is the South bound side loading up away from Peck Road to Lai's taking You ahead all the way to the five. Now let's head out to Serie Does With Mike O'Brien KF Eye in the sky sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman Super Lawyer calm Well, you have the problems on the other side of the fence out this way. It's the 65 North bound at South Street. They are just clearing over the right shoulder. Little problems Still in the right lane. It looks like just a stall there. But for the most part the rex to the shoulder, still taking it on the chin back to the four old five. The only good news is beyond this up through wittier. What had been a pretty slow drive is actually loosened up quite a bit. Now, If you're heading out the 91 westbound out of Orange County into L, a county. We had a big problem there it karma needed that just cleared a few minutes ago. Still in recovery mode back through forwards into about you quitting. Injured in an accident visit Superwoman Super Lawyer calm Mike O'Brien KF high in the sky. Also on that West 91 in Corona west, and he went to the 71 north. A crash involving a big rig right lane is blocked right at the south End of the 71. This is backing up the 91 westbound from the 15 and the 71 south bound from Pine Avenue. Hey, A pie in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Angel Martinez. You have fed up with California. Almost people call starting half the fires. In Los.

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