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He he he's just. I don't know he plays scared. And and and and he can go into whole and score whenever he wants. But he chooses not to he did one yet. He he did it once yesterday got found in made the foul shot about time you made a foul shot that one found shot was enough for him because he was rain after went back in Ben. Yeah. It's a joke. Give me a word to describe the Sixers right now, the pressing. Spin on depressing prize depressant, it is we're gonna we went thinking third radio winter here number one, which is a fifty dollars gift card while I was new tender chicken season. Garlic butter herbs and spices Trier's zesty chicken sandwich made with crispy jalapenos or our favor or your favorite bowl. Gotta have a law fifty dollars gift card, fifty bucks. Ben pretty good. Yeah. That that's good. Thank man. I don't like that kind of a reaction. What do you mean? And if you're not that thrilled play it up a little bit. Honeywell dinner in light jet. Wa wa it's awesome. I do that every day. I I love. Eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four ninety nine in front of the rate TNT ride cellphone. Gabe Kaplan will be on top of the hour. We will ask you about that. I'm sure he had a tremendous effect on Gabe. And everybody's ever been associated with the Phillies. Eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four. Don't go anywhere. We got a lot left to do. In fact, we come back out. We are going to take you to jeopardy because jeopardy is.

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