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The winner tickets on sale now at livenation dot com news time at seven thirty good morning Joe Barton hello Lynne president trump defending his decision to pull US troops out of northern Syria it's allowed Turkey to move in and to begin a military assault on the Kurds who were US allies the Kurds are fighting for the land just so you understand they're fighting for their land and if somebody wrote in a very very powerful article today they didn't help us in the second World War they didn't help us with no Norman Z. as an example they mention names of different battles president says we have to do an ATV our full article he is so wrong so wrong on this he's putting a stop to the U. S. involvement in endless wars okay a shocking new poll from fox no less fifty one percent want the president impeached and removed from office forty percent oppose that the president continues to lash out over the investigation saying he's being treated very badly secretary of state Mike Pompeii again defended the president's July phone call with Ukrainian president silence came as a Kerry Palmdale says the president's request for an enquiring into political rival Joe Biden's role and your training in energy company was about rooting out corruption in the new administration of the Ukrainian president and it was no threat to withhold constitutionally approved military aid most important reaction is from presence Lynskey himself who said not I didn't feel pushed I didn't feel pressure was pumping oil on PBS after Cuba Gooding junior goes on trial in Manhattan today accused of groping a woman at the magic our rooftop bar and lounge in Times Square back in June he's pleaded not guilty to charges of forcible touching and sexual abuse if convicted could spend a year behind bars NBC news said to be in chaos ahead of the release of the run and feral cats and killed Matt Lauer's been accused of rape NBC news chief any lack is accused of bring on female underlings and the book also details how lack an NBC news president no Oppenheim killed a story on Harvey Weinstein the source says those two men are now quivering in their suits and that one or both of them may have to take the fall Matt Lauer meanwhile has released a letter denying the rape allegations leveled against him in that book cops looking for at least two suspects after a teenager was gunned down in queens nineteen year old Jay Patel was shot and killed and his body dumped at two hundred sixty eighth street in eighty Third Avenue at least two suspects were seen fleeing in a red Toyota about this I'd like to live in California and not have your electricity eight hundred thousand electricity customers across northern California in the bay area don't have power Pacific gas electric says they are doing planned blackouts to prevent wildfires as gusty winds blow across the region hospitals municipalities and agencies across thirty four counties in California we're prepared with generators and they've been warning residents to stockpile supplies local police also warning drivers.

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