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Here's Dan Schwartzman. Thanks, Dad. Thanks Brian Liverpool making moves is a January transfer window officially came to an end as the Reds have brought in two defenders. Ben Davies from Preston North End for £2 Million and Shock is Ozan Car Back on the loan deal for 2.5 million with an option to buy Meanwhile, Tottenham Staley Ali will not be heading to Patty Singer Man has a 24 year old pope as first chairman Daniel Levy would not allow lead ahead to Paris for a re union. The former manager, Marie Support Patino. Josep Maria, parts of Barcelona's former president has denied being the source of Lena Messi's leaf contract to Spanish newspaper El Mondo Mart Amuse 10 year can know ended with his resignation in October. The former presidents and messy, ending their relationship on bad terms. With 33 Old star, publicly accusing barking, You're buying mess. He has already threatened to see the newspaper and anyone involved in leaking the documents. BOSTON Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia has announced his retirement after 15 seasons in the major leagues. 37 Year old was named 2000 and seven American League Rookie of the Year one the Ale N. V. P award in 2008, also winning three World Series rings and being named all starting a Gold Glove winner four times. As Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady prepares to playing this 10th Super Bowl 43 year old talking to the media earlier today, says he would consider playing past the age of 45. Brady over 4600 yards and 40 touchdowns. This season is first in Tampa after 20 years of the New England Patriots on Dan Sports, then that's your Bloomberg rolled Sports update. Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day at Bloomberg, calm the Bloomberg business app and and Bloomberg Quick Take. This is a Bloomberg business flash. So some of the volatilities.

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