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Market this summer and you will find without problem in england for this money. I think don't even the bag has been very difficult season for him. He wants to stay and fight for the position. I don't think he would get these on the outsource care with all the competition. Derision fit so maybe for him it would be better to leave and certainly at the united would not would not keep him. And then there's the maciel situation really. Let's put it that way. Because he would want to start the club the again he knows. It's likely that. I play a lot next season between greenwood and caveney and rochford. I'm not where he stands exactly in the picking order. And i think that would be closed up to him. We really close to signing him before we made the big move from one not too much to the united states five years ago now. Things reportedly keen to grow for him because it would be much cheaper than what united paid for him so very interesting to see at least for the three players. What the next few weeks holds. What have you made joseph. Ed you think that would be worth to bring in jaden sancho when you see clubs the size of manchester united. You've got some place. You may be on a plane week in week out. There bishop people. The aim isn't to play half the games in a season so be coming off the bench and be an impact player. So there'll be people. I'm sure behalf thinking about leaving and if the opportunity came you probably jump at the chance but as far as central coming in goes i can bring him in. The squad was big before only gets bigger by bringing in more more and he's somebody who ultimately we'll be starting love games. So i think people would probably have to go and it'd be ashamed for link to go based on the season as just had but neither side of that coin is you know you'd expect to be in high demand because of how well he did because he felt like he'd transformed west palm in the second half of the season he was playing the play. The maybe a couple of times in the last four months of the year and deservedly so so it would be ashamed to lose that type of talent but also they've looked beyond him because they let them go in the first place so whatever is done down there. Maybe it doesn't necessarily have the same value building. As i say those from everybody else from the outside so i think negatively revolving door says what football is it will probably take out some place if central comes in. But there's nothing new there but when it's a club the size of the united tends to be a big name that leaves as well after what made him saying about Jesse lynn god's performances that west ham. Would it be a mistake now. Manchester united to let him go at this point be honest. I'm not sure. It's up to manchester united. Just lynn goddess renewed years old. He's got a year left on his contract. If i'm jesse lane goddamn advising jesse lynn. God i'm not sure why you extended manchester united. You show what you can do at another club or beat a smaller club in the premier league. Ut you make that move now you you dictate what your future is why you sign an extension just decided extension seek and give that back to manchester. United is beyond me as far as much as united goals. There are a number of players that that they can move on. You can move on the likes of matter and manage interesting. Tim freeing up speed. You won't get much money for them. But were you surprised that was still imagine for jones much united which nearly made me fall out of my chair when he forgot jones. Who was still around you. All throughout the goalkeeping situation in new between them. Both i'm not sure that they're either of them. Is happy playing second fiddle so whether you get money for them or it's just a matter of freeing up to bring in a gene sancho united mate can make those numbers work for them so it will be interesting to see how they manage those players and what their targets will be chills mentioned anthony. I always interesting to talk about a play like this as he reached his true potential defeo. La this sort of players that get you fired and because in moments you think. Oh i can do something with guy i can do. Something look at his skill. Look at the goal then that stops because he only does it one week at a time he only does it one game and then disappears for another three games. And then he's injure and.

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