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Is the case were izzo be there was forced to lever for whatever for whatever reason he was gone do you think there is anybody who could fill that fill that spot i mean from is those tree are from algiers ideas they are coaching out ear their a coach out there that could keep them at that level without having to suffer some bumps and bruises because what are you going to suffer bumps and bruises anyway you're not going to you're not going to be able to do the things that tom izzo did because like we said it took him a long time the build it but he he built it minutes there and it's it's a machine now you see kids coming there to be there that being said you need to bring in a name thom cream is the name that's a household name a steve alford out if you can get him the come back to the midwest is a guy that you can bring back here he's a midwest guy after he's been laying on those la beaches hubchev's arab just saying i'm giving you you asked me eight is there a coach out there worthy there's the coach at arizona miller he would be good guy after michigan stay beats arizona and like the elite eight every year sweet sixteen whatever was i don't know if they want miller but see here's the thing you i'm trying to give you coaches that idea that would be able to come here at me come to ease lansing and perform in that's the more the argument that i was bring up that i i don't know if there is any if if that is the case were michigan state in in his had to split split ways i don't know if there is anyone who could come in and kind of fill those shoes there's guys who could try and you knew named a lot of really good ones in slow golfer and i've always really liked him ever since his days at iowa honestly don't think there's anybody there to fill the shoes they they're really stephane no longer dangerous waste evans is not you don't think he's the guy to step in if or do you want to get rid of all of it well alex yet cream gregory stan heath he's at university south florida department gumri nor northern illinois i'm than yasser some guys boy bowl in chaplain were also says it's.

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