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And your young until if you're a teenager. Still Live with your parents. Let's either apparent or an ex-boyfriend. With you being young enough. You were probably thrown out by your parents yet so. Yes she. I guess it's safe to say that. She was enamored from the start. And from video interviews I've seen cheese most certainly still enamored with the man like she gets a little sparkle in her eye and smiles at the mention of him. Yeah, it's scary and she's like what in her sixties now yeah! I think so for her. Though life improved dramatically once she became a part of the Manson family because he was able to escape from the frightening household where she was treated like A. A wrongdoer by her father, so Manson very quickly became like father figure for her like I think he did for a lot of other girls. Yeah, a lot of the girls were really young like you said yeah, so the core members of his group included his right hand Lynette squeaky from Charles Tex Watson Robert Beausoleil. Mary Burner, who I believe was actually the first person he took it and she was a librarian. Inch Susan Atkins Linda Abyan Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten. So the Group of about twenty five young people settled on abandoned movie set called spawns movie ranch, nineteen, sixty eight. Every member had their role to play. The more attractive women were kind of sent out to take advantage of men surprise surprise considering he used to prostitute other girls yeah, squeaky was the group's den mother, so she was sort of like the motherly figure. She was always kind of like there to take care of people and stuff like that. And Pat was sort of enforcer she if anybody was questioning whether they should be there or if they wanted to stay or if they were trying to get out, there would be sent to her, and she would somehow kind of convince them that it. You know it was okay to stay made them. So former members also state that Manson would offer them LSD, so they were constantly tripping. And tell them to take it, but would either never partake of it himself, or he would take much smaller doses to kind of maintain his own lucidity interesting, but is it really that surprising because he could make them more successful? Yeah, say that kind of plays into the control aspect where. Like all you as tripping, I'm not so I, can make you do nervous i. want you to yeah, so he was always kind of preaching to them in his own way of just like you know his bizarre I say thoughts, but like he would say things that to them because they were under the influence, just like prophetic like you know, time didn't exist. Before man came around man invented time. Mind like go shit. I can't believe I never thought of that before. So yeah, that makes a lot of sense for how he was able to like manipulate an influence them that they were just constantly in a state of high. And such a large group and it was so you know it was so rampant at the time..

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