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He's controversial. I'm already guessing what some of the reaction is gonna be. He's confrontational. You're questioning the substance of the message is what you're doing right now. No, I'm not. Yes, you want. He's unflappable. Fine. I don't care. He's Andrew Philip. Tony Cooper told me last month. He's already made that decision. And that is the help today he told me that I asked him It's great. We had a conference only format Power five league. What would you do with Notre Dame? And he basically said Well, won't give them as much help as they want. In other words, they need three or four games, then we will make it happen. We'll give them three or four games, and this is the Pony Express on CBS Sports Radio, So many college football fans Get jammed up about that was Brett McMurphy. From stadium. Great college football insider. Notre Dame's predicament. Pac 12 announced. Conference only games. That interrupts Notre Dame's rivalries with USC and Stanford. That you could trace those back too. Like the 19 twenties. Notre Dame is losing games left and right. They've lost a game against Wisconsin at Lambeau Field. They're an independent. And when college football fans here That leagues like the A. C C. Are wheeling, too. Give Notre Dame given to Notre Dame. Give Notre Dame what it wants. It's one of the topics in sports that for whatever reason. We can get into those reasons here. The Pony Express, CBS Sports Radio Serious Sex on Channel 206 CBS sports.

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