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The way at 2:30 P.m. Eastern time. That's 11 30 in the morning out here on the West Coast Pacific time on CBS. The highly anticipated college football season is just around the corner, and we'll give you a preview of what to expect on inside college football. The drive to Atlanta, then at three Eastern Noon Pacific as a summer winds down, it's win or go home as the playoffs get underway in the Big three. That's all coming up Saturday. On CBS. Hope you had a great weekend. I know I did. Lot of lot of kiddo time. A lot of family time. Watch them some soccer Watch some preseason football. Even got to see Mitchell Robiskie. Look really good. I got it. I get it understood its preseason game. But Travis keep playing his old bear squad. Tore him up 2028. Had a touchdown pass. Looked really comfortable. In that buffalo offense, Air quotes around offense And it made me happy for Dubinsky. Nice guy. A guy that I have interacted with in the past and really enjoyed. There was a lot of, uh, a lot to like. Sean Maras, who filled in for me as we had some difficulty at the start of the hour, talked about Justin Fields. And how incredibly gracious fields was. If you miss the game, Not only was Travis Keys Perhaps perhaps reclamation of his career pretty compelling stuff for a preseason game. Even for an Ah preseason game. It was it was cool to scene. So was the storyline on the other side of the equation. The Bears Matt Nagy, as the head coach have not yet. Named a starting quarterback, and you've got this situation around the NFL. Where There are promising. Rookie quarterbacks..

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