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Someone is called the demo made it to tab Sullivan, an A&R guy at geffen, which became the one major label to show interest in weezer. Sullivan had some trouble getting them at first. Comparing their demo to the Ramones in the descendants as well as the pixies. And coming away from their live show, wondering if they were British. Weezer signed a geffen for a modest deal and sharpened Cuomo had every intention of producing an album themselves. Sullivan convinced him otherwise. Cuomo had been listening to the car's greatest hits. And became excited at the idea that the band's leader, Ric ocasek, would produce the album. Ocasek, liked what he heard. What did it go to from what did we ocasek persuaded the band to travel to his home base in Manhattan and record an electric lady studios. Sharp and Cuomo had come up with all sorts of rules. Banning the use of reverb and assisting on only downstrokes on guitar. Their engineer, Chris Shaw, explains there was one overriding concept. The idea was that the guitars and the bass were one huge ten string instrument. The way all the base and the voice was just, they want everything to sound like one big monster guitar. There's very few songs in the record that actually have a baseline that drifts away from the guitar is doing. And I think the only benchmark we had, it was sort of like the loudest guitar record at the time was probably creeped by radiohead, you know? They're going to guitars in the course come in. They just obliterate everything. And so when you were doing the mixes, we were checking to make sure our guitars were just as loud. It's not louder than creepy. And you know I don't know your mind Cuomo had written a song called Buddy Holly. Using a friend's core keyboard to add 80s inspired synth parts. In his mind, it was intended for the band's second album, which would be more keyboard oriented in new wave influence. Wizard, of course, never made such an album. But sharp and Cuomo were also concerned that Buddy Holly could become the kind of 90s hit. That could kill a man. Oh no what would you here's drummer Patrick Wilson again? It was the wrong narrative. I think he felt like in fact the Buddy Holly, he didn't even want to record. Because he had a sin flying and in his mind, he had a map of, okay, the next record, we're going to do like an 80s thing. Blah, blah, blah. So really, the story of weezer is plans gone wrong. Yeah. That's life then. But I love it. Because Rick was like, no, this song has got to be on the record. That means the river is a lot, actually. He'll have a certain mindset about something. And somebody with authority will come out and go. That's actually the best way to go. But rivers to his credit will listen, even if it doesn't feel right. He knows the person's right..

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