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Park you can trust that you're doing business with the white people you can count on if there's something you need that you don't see on the wide line let us know and we'll start the hunt for the best call said he'd seven nine three three to four we do business the great way at superstation one awad wyde to me in every saturday for the mark white show at 830 right here on superstation one on one wyde he we stand for our national and that only bow would we pray your garden country station superstation 101 wyde check it to you now vis revelations out of my stella chan on the body you now this complications leaving me bank cow when you guys missing thumb waves adding chad blame baloyot wing may say now so can lorraine anne drew in the big dave with you today jessica should be back on monday which are told you yesterday jessica would be back today and obviously allied i thought you were gonna be but she's a take care of her kids so she will la she'll be back on monday y'all forget about that new email we've got its feedback at what a one wyde ecom let us know what you think of each and every show on this station that doesn't mean you have to emails and give us a synopsis of every show just if there's a certain joe you like email insee i really liked the show tell us why there's a show you hate tell us why who it is and why there's been some of you that if voiced your opinion on how you hate the line and uh now and get to all that but honesty.

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