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And cesspit as you're not going to be a competitive team next year so there's a lot that the mets have to soar through or or at least explained to the fans what the heck is going on as far as this goes in and here's more from callaway and Again he wasn't aware of Cessna's his comments but was asked about assessment it's getting this. Surgery soon or whether the organization thinks he should wait I think we just need to continue to have, him reevaluated you know by the by the experts that know you, know everything about what he's got Yeah, and then the team wasn't worried about his heels coming into this we thought his heels were in a really good. Spot coming in or we wouldn't have activate them so you know. He was good, to go we had obviously numerous conversations with him and the people that were working them out and he was in. A good spot as far as what the doctors have advised. Yo or or know about it I wasn't in the room if he got some kind of advice so you. Know be tough for me to speculate on anything at this point and. Is more, than a few beat, writers tweeted, today and that's don't make, their medical staff available, to the media so this really Mickey Callaway is the conduit to. Get the kind of information of what the organization is thinking and he. Apparently is in the dark on all of this right now so again, the Mets got a you know sort out some of this but it is It's alarming if you're a fan. And his team, and obviously this isn't anything. New there have been issues for years as far as injuries decimating the team to, the lack of communication about them and I think you'd get a window into even within the organization there is a. Lack of communication about what is what's happening here so all we. Know is desperate, says he's thinking about a surgery though cost eight to ten months to fix his heels and that might be able. To prevent him from having the the quad and hip flexor. Problems that have cost him so much time over the last couple of years so there's some good news in. There that there is a fix but what is that fixed the Mets. In agreement, that he should have, that kind, of fix it kind of, feels to me Like Carlos BELTRAN, back in two thousand nine, two thousand ten off, season remember, BELTRAN went out and had knee surgery against the teams wishes and I. Missed some time in that two thousand ten season but he, ended up having a longer career maybe because he did? Have, that surgery in the Mets you, know we're, not police about that don't they had, a plan in place that he. Could work through it over the course of the final two years of his contract to instead he just went. Out and got a fixed so is similar assessment this isn't saying. He needs to have the surgery wants to have the surgery to. Say he's thinking about having the surgery, so again you try to make sense of what's happening here but you need more, from the Mets to determine what's going on and by the way today the Mets get the Yankees they get sunny gray really struggled especially at home for the Yankees. In ERA over aids at Yankee Stadium you like the way the, pitching sets up in this? Series which the gram going tomorrow night for the New York Mets. But have a heck of a Time today now Matt's is thrown very well for the Mets. In recent months but Jared, familiar is unavailable out of, the bullpen because the, Mets are, working on a trade and we've heard the Oakland Athletics all of last. Night's we'll see what happens there but Seth Lugo through fifty, six pitches last night and Robert Salman through forty four? C., gotta think if a million's unavailable Lugo and gas would be as well and. The Mets. Are going to. Be without three of their best relievers and I'm going. To be trying to iron this one down if they have a lead late, with, Anthony Swartz act Jerry. Blevins and you name it out outta that Mets bullpen so they'll, be playing shorthanded today and that will certainly be something to keep an eye on as they get later in today's game all, right we'll come back tell you what's hot drive, around the majors much more this is Mets on deck with people Carthy on the voice of.

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