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You know, the three guys are back together. Oh man, that's too funny in the comments. Okay, I want them. What about you? I want more rocker 213 is low. I mean what took the kid gloves off. What does the Congress? I think? I don't know. I think it's I think it's I think it's avoiding too big lineups now having all three of your best players back and and playing those guys more minutes and you've just the rotations now tough unless you're planning to bigs on the floor off for large chunks of time. Somebody's going to one of those guys is going to end up with ten twelve minutes every single night. Play around get his value up at you know, see what you got. You know, when you going to see what you go with this guy just going to play in 30 minutes for the rest of his career thirty minutes a game. That's why he drafted him. I don't think so. I mean he's not he's not, you know, he's not nine years old like this guy's an he's an adult he can play 1520, you know low 20 minutes. I want to see that I want to see what they've got with them, you know took him out there. They can roll whatever the law lobs. So that's one thing. I want to see embrace the role of gravity Jimmy exactly gravitational pull per game. I want to see that and I'm still waiting to see if Romeo is ever going to play this year. I think that could possibly change things. You know me. I don't know anything. I want in Romeo. I just think on that big rotation. I'm trending towards Thompson playing the the least minutes of those three and I have been for a while now that Rob is back. I want to see Tristan playing the fewest minutes of those three. Oh wow. I like Tristan the Lakers match up though. Come on. Let's get into that real quick because let's face it. You got me and see what need that muscle. You know, you'll need a little more muscle contraction. If I'm I'm Brad. I'm like, hey, I know that's the problem that the troops to do. You're not yet John if you don't deliver against the chance when you get afuckin, what if I'm Brad, I mean what what I have you here for not going to like even your best-laid Champions, you know, I just I forgot the Lakers are next that's going to be ugly if they don't defend mister mister. Oh, I'm the only one the locker room here with the ring. Come on. Let's see. Let's see how long this is it if I'm Brad, I'm like you show it to me now or I'm going to continue minutes. It's inexplicable and he has to at some point. I'm all for building them up ramping them up when I get in the forward things now the excuses with him are valid but.

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