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Yes in phonetically. They all have the same syllables as well. So it forces you to wrap s if to do to mimic the the musicality of the house but it also forces also forces you to take off the british cadence as well. Yeah because you can't like okay. I'm going to do my american accent. Spirit dance how sparta. It doesn't work it doesn't it doesn't those in my head and then why am i so excited. I don't pay twenty collective noun a play by an on luca. Onlooker yes you sit of. Pay homage to susan. Laury hawks american playwright but it is a one page is a dialogue between two cici tv cameras. Witnessing police brutality or wh- to cctv cameras witnessing a violent incidents between Between the powerful brutality off sarah's though she got cold seeing all these things. I said what i said. I said what i said what i said. Even if it's a real thing oh a oh everything in a book is actually real which is so annoying about. Just the state of everything. Oh yeah that happened. A few years ago it was on the news and there was the season tv cameras that was shoving. The incident happened is showed it. So the more i think about it the more i realized how how complex yet simple d- your walk is so the the reason i also bought the the mystic tone and narrative format of the text is. I want to know how you came to this process. How did you form it. What sort of carving did you do and to me. It's even more interesting that you said that a lot of the pieces in this collection are inspired by real life events. So how did you process these events. How do you separate your emotion from your creativity. And how do you then. Fashion your creativity and mode and shape. I imagine to be a mason. Who is chiseling rocks. And she's been rocks into beautiful sculpture with your poet with poetry. So how do you do that in terms of linguistic tone and narrative format or in in your poetry. Alavi will say separate the emotion from from from the south. And when you're right in. I actually feel like the jawbone poetry is to communicate that ineffable emotions that they've stayed.

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