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Lecturer at the university of Newcastle stray. Leah. She's been studying cramps for the better part of ten years. Vienna describes a cramp as a huge musk. Contraction, and since they occur when the nerves that send messages to our muscles undisrupted. So it is different for each type of cramp. The two most common cramps on not time cramps and cramps associated with exercise in not time cramps. It's hypothesized that these abnormal hyper excitability at the terminal between where the nerve attached to the muscle in exercise cramps, it's a slightly different picture when a muscle is fatigued and overloaded. There's an imbalance in the excited Trie in inhibitory drive that occurs between the muscles and tendons. And the overall effect is that we have more exciting to the muscle which can cause cramp importantly, cramps in exercise on not due to dehydration or electrolyte deficiency, which is something that's very commonly out there. So you're saying that cramps during exercise aunt down today, hydration or electrolyte depletion? That's right. At least for the majority of people who experience cramps in exercise. According to fear now, muscle fatigue and overlord of the biggest causes of crampy. But what about magnesium deficiency? A lot of fitness types believe taking magazine supplements help trait that crams he's you have a hot by and lots of my knees Eum gay fluids up and also sleep. Let's up magnesium supplements footballs. About stretching a push toward or stretch? Depends on how bad the cramp is actually funicello. Lots of high quality studies suggest most people. Magnesium isn't effective in treating cramps, but some people they might experience a benefit chases stretching. Well, that's an excellent way to help both nocturnal and exercising juice cramps is some evidence for not time muscle cramps that a combination of cough and hamstring stretching throughout the day before bid is affected. So because that has an evidence base, I would strongly recommend people try that. So if you on getting a lot of not time cramps, it's a really good idea to stretch before bed. Yes. So a stretch that combines a cough and hamstring stretches ideal. And for most people, if they sitting on their bed and they have a bath towel or a tail and they sit straight up the legs stretched out in front of them. If you imagine the opposite of pointing your toes. So you want to bring the toes back towards your face. If you a holding the tail in your hands and you loop at Oviedo toes and then pull it on the foot so that it stretches the foot back towards yourself and then slowly lift the leg up into the air. Now you might be more comfortable if you do this while laying down or from the state had position, it's up to the person. And as you lift the leg high, you'll feel the stretch in the cough muscle end in the hamstring and it's likely stretching the sciatic nerve to and then hold that for at least thirty seconds and then repaid on the other leg and repeat that three times and Kosov. The sports physiotherapist agrees stretching is vital to prevent cramping. He says, taking a look at your posture is also a good idea. If you imagine someone being a slouched, pulse general, you know having inadequate posture and you're asking the body to conduct movement in a proper way because the alignment is. Right, right. Those muscles have to work extra hard and a very simple test on that is eve. If you're slash, then you try and take a deep breath. It's actually very hard. So all the organs, all the muscles have to work a lot harder to help a come into the system. And if you apply that to skeletal muscle. So something like the cough poor posture can lead to poor alignment that then means the system has to work a lot harder and then yes, that can cause cramping. Sign with a better pasta, a good hamstring in con- stretch and looking at ways to reduce your stress levels. Well, you might be on your way to fuel cramps and maybe even a better not slip. Casandra Steve reporting, and I feel the to stretch in the studio. I listened to that. Thank you to my studio guests, Jason Palmer and to produce a Katy ticket Saiki. I've been Mony Chesterton thanks very much for listening to the science from the BBC goodbye.

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