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Fighting together fighting robot. Okay. Hiromi great job last week. Kudos to you for grinding it out while battling illness besides me out the, but he could deal with that kind of wait amp. An pressure. Regards, Charlie weis is escalator. Joff in Lincoln. The week is kind of a blur. Because there's so much that happens in such a small period of time. I mean, like any singular event is something that I could fix on and spent a lot of time on, but so many things happened back to back to back to back that there's no time to reflect on it. Or maybe even forget I remember mid week. We had a segment we had back back segments with Shawn Watson and Baker Mayfield. It's really unusual. I mean, how often would you have a chance to speak with either one of them in studio or sit down much less back to back and those types of things would happen all day every single day. So from that thirty thousand foot view if I look back over last week, it's kind of hard right now because you know, the week was the week in the work through the weekend. And yesterday was the game. The late flight back in. I'm still kind of banged up a little bit. It's kind of hard for me to remember everything. It's kind of a blur to be honest with you. But as I take a look back at last week, if I think of the couple things that really stood out the encounters. I had the interviews. I had the conversations I had the things I saw the things I experienced in. Honestly again because I was sick. I didn't get out. I don't get out of town during Super Bowl week because it's a business week party doing businesses getting out. I didn't get out at all. Because I was so jacked up. Like with a sinus infection. But based on what I saw I can't lie to you. One of the highlights of the week was one of the first things I saw during the week. And now, it's my man Charlie weis coming up the escalator. It was incredible. We're trying to get some of that jungle Carmel you got in based on the look he gave me I've got a feeling. He's heard that drop. I'll take two buckets of it for lunch now he's like Charlie weis always respected his intellect and he used to come on the show before y'all started doing things like that to him. And he was always a really good interview. He had this arrogance to him. He had a lot of confidence. He had a strategic advantage six and five football.

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