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And psychiatric evaluation according to parents and students locks only crime was to address his concerns about school safety with youngsters in his advanced placement history class the teacher feared a similar attack could happen at cherry hill east and they've told him to go on leave in pike kentucky teachers could soon be carrying concealed guns inside schools and pike county under a proposal that was preliminary approved by the pike county school board sales of new us singlefamily homes fell for the second straight month in january weighed down by a steep decline in the north east and south which could raise concerns of a slowdown in the housing market and if that happens what else happens to the economy catherine austin fits our investment adviser and of course she also served as assistant secretary of housing and federal housing that hud what do you think of the slowdown catherine not good well i pray who arrived here equation little ahead of wage inflation uh and part of this georges the tax reform bill you have significant repatriation of cash and operations back to the back to the country and of course in some since it's good for the economy and and good for labour and wages but also what it means is pressure on housing and so uh despite rising prices and despite rising interest rates all right i think the market is going to continue to be strong for housing okay that's a good sign that she would abbas scaffolds website salerii us oh l a r i dot com swimming in the sea substantially increases the chance of developing stomach bugs earrings and other illnesses according to researchers let's talk to that away the next time you jump into the ocean are chef at the belies you'll resort and casino in las vegas has been arrested for apparently stealing close to two thousand dollars worth of lobster tales he was detained by hotel security when he was spotted pudding 25 lobsters in his backpack before walking out the back door a teenager and massachusetts is facing assault and battery charges after apparently punching his father in the face after he was asked to stop sending text messages during dinner kid didn't like that and what is going on with people they're crazy and in the story we have in our carousel at coast to coast am dot com that's of the.

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