Senator Cory Gardner, President Trump, Governor Pulis discussed on Mandy Connell


For his medical care and the well wishes he's received. Governor Pulis's also positive for covert 19 but is not experienced symptoms. Cathy Walker K AWAY News radio president Trump says mass distribution of a Corona virus vaccine will start soon. President elect Biden is aiming to deliver 100 million kroner Virus vaccine shots in his 1st 100 days is also again calling for everyone a mask up during that time and will work to reopen schools. Denver's police chief, reacting to the independent Monitor report on police response to the George Floyd protests. We agree with 16 recommendations, and we're going to work hard to improve on it here to the monitors. Report. Chief Paul pays in the report details difficulties of finding badge numbers of body cameras on officers. The chief said. In many cases, police protective gear covered up those cameras and the badges Senator Cory Gardner working hard over the last six years in the Senate, moving the Bureau of Land Management headquarters to Grand Junction, keeping space force at Peterson Air Force Base, passing the Great Outdoors Act and helped lead the passage of legislation to complete our V, a hospital in Colorado to advance. Our cyber security and to foster our relations with Taiwan, South Korea and beyond. Today, Gardner said goodbye to his colleagues on the Senate floor to my colleagues. Thank you for the honor of serving with you. Madam president, this kid from Yuma Fields before across the aisle, Michael Bennett said they have a great working relationship work together on legislation to ban members of Congress. From becoming.

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