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They lost to know what it was. Close yeah this guy now. Who's this kid. That had a horrible story. But now it's great comebacks during the almost one for florida state right so mackenzie milton is his name and it was was three years ago. He had a horrific leg injury he was playing for. Ucf at the time like harare. I guess it would not to get into details. Was his complete knee dislocation. Like oh okay. You're talking arteries and it was just horrific battles his way back all this time right over. What over a thousand days and works his way back. And as i guess there's some sort of allowance with the ncwa were grad student grad athlete. I don't know what it is right. Some exemption is able to make it onto the florida state team as a backup. The game happens versus notre dame. On saturday night he comes into the fourth quarter because the starter jordan trevor's lost his helmet. You have to take a playoff right. Well milton i play for a twenty two yard completions that keep them in three more completions after that. Drive ins and a two yard. Touchdown remains in the game through the regulation and in overtime. They almost one that came this close. Wow how awesome was that. That's incredible could for him. So is he starting at the next game. I don't know should be interesting to see since the only one the game for him. We have a quarterback controversy in tallahassee. I dunno it just. Isn't that great though that you know what it's always nice to watch somebody. Make a nice comeback like that. You know it's true. We love to see the mighty fall. But then we love to see the fallen. Come back from the ashes. I couldn't imagine being his parents watching him back in the field. He's been practicing the whole time. I get that. But i all i if it were my son. Don't even don't even bother coming home for christmas. Stay where you are. I you kidding me. I'd guilt him the italian guilt and get them. I wouldn't be able to watch him. I'd be too upset. So he transferred from ucf to florida. State hopes playing good for him. Coach mike norval made him no promises replaying times he just wanted an opportunity opportunity. Look at that for him..

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