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By Liberty Mutual insurance company and affiliates. Equal housing juror. We have been observing if we have been analyzing and thinking wall, we have been observing it should have become abundantly clear by now that Benedict Donald does not care about the law. He doesn't care about tradition. Convention the norms. Whatever you wanna call them. He doesn't care, and let's take an example right here. He is going to issue a national emergency declaration start tapping Pentagon funds and just start spending money on his ridiculous raises monument. And that's not the first time. He has ease done this right me. Also today, he's telling the National Park Service violate the law that says you can't use the fees that people paid at the national parks. He can't use that the law says very clearly that for maintenance and picking up she said the heck with that use it for maintenance and picking up trash, right? And the IRS is not supposed to be processing tax refunds. He said. The heck with that. He's just like. Mussalini? He's a dictator. He doesn't care what the law is was the lady. He's just a dictator, and we let him in. And so since we're here since Ruth Bader Ginsburg is life apparently is now, you know, hanging by a thread. I'm a little worried right since we have gotten here. And since we now know the character, it's so obvious or lack of character. I guess it should have been obvious in advance of November two thousand sixteen. But since we hear the question, I really really have for us is where do we go from here? Do we wallo in bitterness or do we use him this guy? We use him to teach to recruit to change minds. Where do we go from here? Win the future. Tony in Chicago. Tony happy new year to you. Thank you. Thank you for calling. I am fine. High. Thanks for shutting down Sergio that was awesome. But I wanted to comment on the wall. Listen, if he really wanted that wall he could have gotten it when he had both parties were Republican. He's absolutely. Bought that thing backed up because the Democrats he's planning six six shell game. You know, he's sending it around. And he's got he's got the press. Everybody's Senate around. But I like you're a legal segment because it gave me hope because Nancy will she is going to keep him locked down. And he's gonna be so tied up. This stuff is gonna blow over I mean twenty twenty s next year. Right. You bet. And while Benedict, Donald. Benedict. Donald maybe winning kinda day by day by keeping everybody juggling around all the different crises. He may think he's winning day by day moment by moment. Basically what he's done is. He's shed about a third of the Republican party already maybe a quarter. And he's continuing to lose moderates and an independence who used to lean Republican. He's redefining he's rebranding positioning and imaging and Republicans in a way, that's very very bad for their future. So I'm torn. Oh, yeah. I heard that. Absolutely. I mean, I'm torn half of me wants him to continue to stay here causing damage, and alienating more people and half of me says he's done so much damage already got to go. You know, I I kinda keep going back and forth. But Tony hasn't. He kinda demonstrated to everybody who he is. We know who he was when he got before he got elected. That's not the point. He was elected to teach a lesson. It was so much. A. Conquer going on during that election time that America dot caught up in the who is more popular. And who's not this? I listen to you all the time. And I'm glad you shut people down that crap. Because there's really it's the stuff that people are just so social media celebrity driven, and it just they didn't take the election serious enough. I'm sorry. That's what happened and we needed a lesson. I appreciate it woke people up. It made people understand how the government work. He's done our Tony in my humble, he's done more to help Democrats recruit people than Democrats in west fifty years. And because the I heard that again, but.

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