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Of mine asked me casually walks happening inside the body when you do a breath work session and i thought that this is a really interesting question which needs to be answered on my podcast as well. So firstly the type of breath work. That i am trained in scart breath which withdraws from yoga i am so. It's not just one breathing technique but a variety of techniques that use depending on the outcome that i'm trying to achieve but basically here's what happens within a few minutes. You expedients what i call freeing up of consciousness freeing up off consciousness and what i mean by that is during the day our body is usually in a standoff fight or flight. Animals have this automatic with of releasing stress by shaking. And you might see a dog or even bear sometimes just shaking right because it is their natural way of relieving stress but humans don't have that automatic response and we need to do something manually to switch off that stress response and we are in the state of fight or flight. Our blood flow is focused in and around our limps. Your blood pressure is up. Garda's all levels cortisol is your stress hormone but your stress hormone levels are high. Your heart rate is high. And your blood vessels will there constricted. Now keep in mind that you don't really have that predator. Are that attacker in front of you and your most likely not in martyr danger but your constant talks about the future are something that has happened to the best keeps haunting you and keeps you battles d- in the state of fight or flight and because your entire physiology is in the state it feels like your consciousness is also trapped and on high alert being in the state is like stepping on the gas pedal. It does have a bogus. But if you don't switch off that stress it can take a toll on your health in the long run. So when you sit down and engage in certain types of breeding techniques. Your heart rate lowers your blood pressure. Goes down your blood vessels dilate. You're cortisol levels. Go down and your blood moves away from your limbs and towards your oregon's and nourishing your brain as well now when this happens you feel so relaxed and if feels though your consciousness is liberated you have the sense of abundance and possibility because you're no longer stuck to the bust or what about the future. Does that make sense. So that's number one number. Two is hot coherence activation now heart. Coherence is a state. When your heart is sending ardently stable batons vibe ration- across your body that have a harmonising relaxing effect on your entire physiology growing up. We've been dark that the brin is the mazda system right. It's a central system that sort of sends orders to other parts of the body including the heart but recent research by the heart. Math institute suggest that the heart actually sends more signals to the brain than the other way around and these signals influence. Your thought process your focus your memory whether it's short term long term your ability to connect with your intention all of that now. The interesting thing is that when you breathe in your body goes into fight or flight you're sympathetic. Branch of your nervous system is located which means that your heart rate goes up when you breathe out on the other. Hand your bada sympathetic branch off. Your nervous system gets activated. Which is the arrest and digest system so the opposite happens you heart goes down. Your blood vessels dilate so think about it. All it is happening between your in hill and your exile so you're breathing on actually affects the signals. That your heart is sending to the bridge. So if you're breathing pattern is haphazard and it take guesswork the signals that you're sending do brin and other parts of your body are also confusing an erratic and this baton affects your mood. It affects your thinking. It affects how you react to your environment. It affects your actions that you take but if you use the right breathing practice you engage in the right breeding style. You allow your heart to enter into a state of hot coherence which results in an overall body harmony. So that's number two number. Three is vagus nerve activation. Now doing breakthrough accessions. I include certain mantras and mantra humming is interesting because every month Has a specific purpose are an objective and these mantras have been used in india for at least eight thousand years when you a mantra. You feel good all over your body because of the web rations but only recently have. They discovered that humming along with extending your eggs. Eels is actually the most effective way to relax your body. And activate your rest and digest system because humming. A mantra stimulates your vagus nerve. Which is the longest nova in your body connecting many internal organs from your stomach. Deal your brain stem and the term vagus stems from vaga bond. Which literally means that. This nerve is so long that it is connected to the integral oregon's and parts of your body so when you stimulate this nerve using the humming and by extending your eggs emails it sends a signal across your body a harmonizing signal to unwind and let go and especially for someone who just wants to get a good night's rest. This is so effective because it can put you to sleep within minutes. Which is why. I had all my breath work. Attendees do not try these meditations while driving are when you are in water because it's powerful and these practices have to be treated with respect and performed in the right setting action tribe. Are you finding it. Hard to distress and unwind in the midst of this crazy pandemic. Come join us for a soothing. Relaxing breath workstation. Online on zoom duty.

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