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Kentucky, Harrison High, Louisville discussed on Atlanta's Evening News and Rick Erickson


Five point five W. SPT Justin this is from the Associated Press three people have been arrested in Las Vegas on terrorism charges in what is described as a right wing conspiracy to spark violence during the recent protests this is Justin I just got the one line here so far will have more at seven o'clock the curfew in Atlanta has been extended again in fact there will be a curfew in the city for the next five days it goes into effect at nine o'clock tonight nine o'clock tomorrow and then it starts an hour earlier at eight o'clock on Friday the curfew will run through Sunday the only exceptions will be for those seeking medical help working first responders or the homeless WSB Sabrina Cupid reporting among the dozens of businesses broken into Friday night and Saturday morning early was one that's got federal agents now involved in the investigation this evening the business owner speaking to in the case of his store this was not looting came here and simple to rob the store and rob guns Jim Hinsdale says the burglars had free reign under the cover of looting elsewhere in police distracted to ransack his trucks of firearms store on Miami circle the overnight hours into Saturday front window was broken and several hand guns were taken more than forty he says and so with protests continuing he is doing his own security now or spend spend the night here at Drake it's ninety five point five W. S. B. within the past hour and in his first public comments on the subject former president Obama says recent events in this country are among some of the most epic and profound he's ever seen although all of us have been feeling Hey not certainty disruption up some more than others in what was billed as a virtual town hall meeting a bomb said his family the nation grieves with the families of violence victims like George Floyd amat armory here in Georgia engine specifically and Brianna Taylor similar case out of Louisville Kentucky one corona virus story here this half hour high schoolers in Cobb county will have an in person graduation this year but the district announcing only students can attend the ceremonies will be held inside auditoriums at Harrison high in west Cobb Wheeler high in east Cobb to facilitate social distancing protocols no surprises with the weather and the ability to live stream the ceremony so parents and others can watch each student participating will have their temperature checked and is encouraged to wear a facemask the district is expected to announce the exact dates of the ceremonies later on this week in Cobb county Michelle right ninety five point five W. N. W. SPT is time is six thirty.

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