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Three one six at GMCH three one six he is at Jarvis the ninety this is our night we look at all things Atlanta Falcons so let's start with Todd Gurley let's start with the falcons rookie numbers actually so we got the rookie numbers for the Atlanta Falcons AJ Terrell he will wear number twenty four Marlon Davidson it will wear number ninety Matt Hennessy will wear number sixty one Michael Walker the linebacker out of Fresno state who we will talk to you or I should say you will hear from tomorrow night he will be number forty three just as an FYI he was number three in college and we'll get a discussion about why and how that all this has come about Jaylen Hawkins is that will be number thirty two and sterling Hoff Richter is a number for so there you go there's the there's the new numbers for the Atlanta Falcons rookies now compensatory picks have been kind of leads NFL media's draft analyst lance Zierlein is projecting that the falcons will receive one compensatory fifth round pick in two compensatory sixth round picks in the twenty twenty one draft Atlanta lost five free agents unsigned one but unfortunately for them the addition of Fowler cancel out the loss of Hooper leaving them with a lesser value picks one of their free agent losses Adrian Claiborne is unlikely to qualify as one of the top thirty two free agent losses according to the lease compensatory formula so the falcons compensatory pick total should be pretty locked in okay so you get a fifth round pick a couple six round picks out of out of all of it I don't know if that's trade bait maybe it is maybe use a miss as trade bait or what have you hopefully you know when we're talking about the falcons picking the ideal in a perfect world they they have the thirty second pick of the first round.

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