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Welcome to the active roster. Tyrant Johnson world will line up in the shotgun, even though it's third and less than a yard sale, handed to mix and bursting of angles in sports. Today, he'll give it to him. He's rolling to the right and running. He's up to the 52 45 to the 40 35 30 20. Here's your host, Rich Ackerman. And we're coming to you live from the rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans. Studios want to see your loan options, just payments and closing costs online and really time rocket can week five and again. Over 19. Havoc on the schedule. But we do have seven games right now, with three to follow in the second window, and right now the Falcons or 30 seconds away from falling to own five. They trail the Panthers. 23 13 2 minute warning in Baltimore, where it's been all Ravens there, cruising 27 to nothing over the Bengals the own four Texans 90 seconds away from getting their first win Romeo Quenelles debut as interim head coach 30 14. They leave the Jaguars. Eight minutes left in Kansas City. The Raiders have just extended their lead over the Chiefs to 33 to 20 for the Jets about the fall to own five. Still a lot of time left, But they trail the Cardinal's 30 to 10 and haven't been competitive All day today and at the two minute warning the Rams in front of Washington 30 to 10. The story there. Alex Smith coming on in place of the injured Kyle Allen, seeing his first game action. In nearly two years. In the meantime, let's head the Pittsburgh where the Steelers trying to move to for no, as we check in with Jeff Hathorn. Diego's Philadelphia Eagles with a big second half 15 straight points. They're trailing, though, by two After a fumble forced by Duke Riley on Eric Ebron. Philadelphia missed a 58 yard field goal that actually had the distance. It was just a little right. Little right. Rather, and a basement called just on the Eagles on the Steelers and doing drive now has them at the 35 Yard line of the Those Eagles have two timeouts left dealers. With a second and AIDS. Carson went with a couple of touchdown passes. Miles Sanders to TD Ron's, including a 74 yard run, Travis Hold'em ate our excuse Me. 10 catches for 152 yards, Ben Roethlisberger 25 of 31 for a pair of touchdowns. James Connor, a touchdown run and chase Claypool's 75 yards receiving As brothels. Burger just completed a pass and an apparent or bumble by the Eagles were awaiting. The referee's call, but the Eagles could have it back with two timeouts left dealers waited. 31 29 2 56 to play right. Thank you very much. Jeff Hawthorne. So a thriller there, we'll see how it plays out over these final couple of minutes. Let's go to Craig Heist in Baltimore. The Ravens putting the finishing touches on a Big big win today and within the division, too, and that's always back 27 3. They take down the Bangles here at M and T Bank Stadium as ah, Lamar Jackson through a couple of touchdown passes. Wonder Mark Andrews, the other two Hollywood brown very short ones, and also Patrick Queen with 52 yards under recovery. And return for a touchdown. Jo'burg Day for the Bangles 19 of 3183 yards. He threw an interception with your loved one of the touchdowns for the Ravens. But there is main problem. No protection, not not a help. And he was sacked seven times on the day and last tremble number twice, but actually lost one of them. So just a tough day on around for the Bengals. As the Ravens come way with a decisive win 27 3 over the Bangles. Alright, so they are for and one on the season and right now they could be tied. If the Eagles can rally right here with under five minutes left in Pittsburgh. They could be tied for the lead with the Steelers in the A F. C North right now in Atlanta, putting the finishing touches on another victory, their third straight the Panthers and Falcons Here's Jeff Zell. Mantis now. Rich now the Carolina Panthers, now three and two, after beating the Falcons, 23 to 16 to send Atlanta Toe owned five down 20 to 13 in the fourth quarter with a 3rd and 4th E. Carolina five. That right picked off of the end zone. By Justin Burress. Teddy Bridgewater Lead Carolina Tau 14 points in the last 2.5 minutes of the first half to get the Panthers a 20 to 7 halftime lead after they had 12 by a point. Ridge. Where? 27 of 37 313 yards, two touchdown passes, one for 57, D. J. Mohr and the three order to Mike Davis. Robbie Anderson, eight catches for 112 yards. And Davis. For 60, while also rushing 16 times for 89 darts that Ryan meanwhile, under constant pressure, 21 of 37 for 226 yards and a pick Kabul deliberately eight catches for 136 yards. Todd Gurley 14 carries 121 yards, including a spectacular 35 yard touchdown run rich in the end, Carolina drove into Atlanta territory on seven of eight possessions. And the Falcons had to settle for field goals on three separate occasions. Once again, Carolina 23 the Falcon 16. All right. Patrick Mahomes was just picked off. The return went from midfield down to the two yard line, and the Raiders have just taken in. Josh Jacobs has just scored from a couple of yards out, so it's 36 24 making 39. 20 for Las Vegas on top of Kansas City with 5 26 left to play. So, AH, Wild one there. Mahomes picked off and the Raiders have a chance to hand the chief's their first win first loss of the season. But still a lot of time left is again a 15 point game. We'll see. If they go for two or not. I would think they would Because they do..

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