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I was reading this last night in preparation for this fan. Before I read this. I want you to understand the analogy that Paul is making about the church. He's saying the church is like a human body. And when you look at a human body every part of the human body has a specific function that it's the carry out. The I see the ears hear the hands grab defeat. Walk the leg. Support the body and on and on every part of the human body has a role to play. And you guys know I remember when I was playing football years ago, obviously many years ago, I was a thirteen fourteen years old. I was a quarterback for the football team. I've shared this before I was a quarterback for the team for one game in that particular game. I was three we attempted four passes. I pleaded three offer touchdowns for the other team. Okay. Not good. Could that wasn't my role on the team? But I can remember I entered in one particular game. And I went limping off the field, and I was living like this. You know, and the coach said what's wrong with you? What's wrong with you? Did your your ankle? No. Did you know what you hurt I elbow? Why are you laughing? I don't know that it really hurts. One one hurting. Harlan one part of the body human body. I'm talking about is not functioning. The whole body. Is.

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