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Think the ankles and Jacoby ellsbury have some kind of deal. I really do. Joe? I don't think either side wants to be married anymore. And so now, they're just saying look, you're heard Bubba insurance. Covers it don't even come back because Joe could actually use the guy just convinced that they must have worked something out on the under the Neath. He's still got like plant fasciitis is something now. Sure, Joe he has that. Right. Boil. I don't know. This point. Can you wanna play Itis, and I don't think the wanna back either at this point? Call ellsbury like retired. Like, I don't even know what he's like exists in baseball that he used to play baseball. That's that's how I look at Jacoby ellsbury use the play think about him anymore. Okay. Especially at this point where they could really he's a human being the outright. As you know has has had productive seasons. Obviously in a major league. Right. But he hasn't played in almost a year and a half now. And it's his enough happen because they need outfielders. They do now. Brandon Cutty who covers the New York eggplant dot com. He wrote the other is going to be thought he'd actually gonna be there leftfielder tonight. I'm just kidding. His it. He said maybe jets we're gonna draft him. Get off the edge, bro. He wrote an article about ellsbury because like what the hell's going on bone said he's doing some things, but he's had different things that have popped up and having allowed him to break through to get to the point where we can start thinking about heavy baseball activity. Heavy heavy rehab games and stuff like that. Well, that even though I did you know what it means? I mean, there's one about they're coming back. We don't buy out and just say goodbye insurance is paying fog while there you go. That's the answer. Think about this right now, isn't it a win win for everybody insurance covering some portion of this contract. The whole thing getting paid. Right. That's gotta be which going on. It was gonna make twenty one million dollars deal show. Actually, it's possible. What we do. Visable doing things to these thirty four five he's not doing his show from home. I would miss doing things. Thanks. I'm sorry. I didn't know. What you? Baseball. Baseball's is amazing. We'll come back. We'll get back to your calls. Eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six all the bizarreness over the weekend concerning Jacob degrom, which is sad and Jacob degrom Cy Young bobblehead. Yeah. Maybe the last you, see joy. Thank you. You got a man that's from jet because they gave him a question. Plus you'll see jet jets. Maybe you will be Katherine about that. Well, this mother's day..

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