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Don't get the feedback. It's not the same energy you know because remind actually what you mentioned that i've done for familiar with steve coogan. Who adam partridge bus. He was a stand up for many years If you characters before a poll calf and all those but he said when he went and started becoming like a tv presenter very because you're just performing to the camera audience the audience would see six months from now year from now and then you might find out of its funnier and he found it very hard to change that mode and he missed us enough that he he. He's been back performing live thereby ten years ago and i think he's talking about going back again for the same reason. I mean you need your fix. This is you just need the the energy from the the crowd and get get an instant laugh or or not is because it's just an instant thing so it is it's unique you fix by supposed to be a better that like you actually did describe a tiny bit how limousine iceland is for clubs and stage time and audience and with three hundred sixty thousand. They can see way. But i imagine if one goes down to zumra. I mean it's pretty much opens the planet here. You could be performing in america or russia. Nigeria or like. Everyone seems to be kind of saying quite close to home. I'm just really curious about kind of can you get to you know chile or something or you know mongolia zoom sessions because he must take all those rooms available. Yeah i mean. I'm down like if somebody from mongolia. Listening they need you know a comedian. I'm available. I cannot get five minutes as well. Always the end hunt drew easy to zoom tour of mongo. Yeah yeah. I'm a big snow like if you could do you know even a trip around the world just kind of go clubs the clubs and see because you know what was that one. Sometimes the chemical brothers live you know they live or are they just press play on their laptop. You know just like jerry but they they set it up like two days ago. So saber To to travel through. Soon because i like last year i went on a tour i went to china and one of the places i went to was wuhan of a pair place. Yeah i was wearing a few days before. This whole thing happened a really coincidence. What did you eat what. what did i well bat. Well i ship with a bet. Let's let's little known fact. It actually originated in iceland virus. Unquiet chinese it's a lot safer against to be in your in your bedroom. Nowak anybody can spread the virus through zoom. It's you away everything. Everything happens to this guy. He's the i. I don't know anyone with worse luck than my friends.

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