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She was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and she embarked on a series of sexual adventures. To feel alive. There was such an amazing response to Tamale story from listeners. And I got so many. Dmz from people. That are I mean. Just some of the most beautiful things I've ever read. Honestly and people are sharing their stories and their feelings. And it's about love you know in about resilience and connection and it's just been it's been really cool so I thought that I would reach out to you. Say Hi and zero you were and can you around all of this. Yes definitely a time. When connection is very different than it has been you know molly story and she took. She took a lot of risks when there was uncertainty in her life. Right and it. Kinda got me thinking Since the PODCAST has ended its it feels like the whole world has changed in a way. We're socially isolating there's anxiety and we're just. I don't know I feel like we're just dealing with a whole a whole new world right now and so. I wanted to know how people are dating how people are looking for love and finding connection and and I wondered actually if you would just share where you are right now in all of this and how you're connecting and if you're dating anybody. I got bored last week. And downloaded bubble. And Hinge are dying to ask you about this. I was going to go there are you. Are you dating? Let's go a little thing like. Tell me what's going on. Well you know. It's obviously be honest. Talk about everything more honest with you. I know right so I think we should just dig it and are you ready. Oh I'm ready. Let's do it lately. I have been thinking about dyeing my hair at home right. You know exactly what I mean and if I'm going to take that plunged I can't think of a better place to do it than at home. Hair color company Madison. Reed take a few minutes. Poke around on their website. Trust me it'll make you feel so much more confident in your ability to easily color. Your hair yourself. And most importantly that you'll get salon-quality results there step by step instructions answers to all your questions video tutorials and you can even chat with one of their expert culturists. Another thing that I love about Madison Reed is that it's made with ingredients that you can actually feel good about things you WanNa put on your head right like Argon oil and Carrigan with no ammonia no parabens or sodium laurel sulfate. I mean why. Would you wanna put that stuff on your hair? Well you don't have to whether it's covering stubborn grays or freshening up your look. With a new color you can get ammonia free multidimensional hair-color delivered to your front door. Starting at just twenty two dollars at Madison Dash Reed Dot Com. Use Promo Code Molly and you'll get ten percent off plus free shipping on your first color kit. That's Promo Code Molly M. O. L. L. Y. Visit Madison Dash. Re Dot Com to find your new perfect shade. That's Madison Dash Reed Dot. Com.

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