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No that is yes um and a very small um forms and k you said i i don't know what that is yet the the pin pick and shoes choose which car are you going to keep which one of one point you keep them you'll need to uh martin van buren or the other one shell for um is i think it to two thousand on era and he bought it i'm not from a proven her at war ended up twenty four hundred let's fairly injury than milka so it's it's worth a couple groom yeah roca all right good news um well here's a couple things to think through number warm shower this is an amazing thing for year young family to go through um number two i'm going to assign one of our coaches that has been through our training to walk with you through this at no charge we don't sell anything and we don't want anything we just want help you okay right are are you in a good church luca gut she got some support around june hopefully family as well then what i try to do is i know if something happened to sharon we've been married thirty four years and if something happened to her i wouldn't be able to breathe for a while and it it this is really really fresh right now and some some days you do well and other days you don't and that would be normal grieving for normal people in your situation okay ll.

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