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To the Russians our expectation that we will learn more about the charges come to understand what it is. He's been accused of. And if the detention is not appropriate. I will demand is immediate return. The tasks news agency says Paul Whalen was taken into custody during a spy rally by federal service security service officers criminal case, which could give them as much as twenty years in prison. It's been opened against Waylon by the Russian state, President Trump hosting congressional leaders today, but baiting Democrats I and they're not having it. The new congress set just start here tomorrow while the president is tweeting saying the shutdown is not where Nancy Pelosi wanted to start her tenure as speaker saying let's make a deal but Pelosi then. Fired back tweeting that the president has given Democrats a great opportunity to show how we will govern. Responsibly and quickly pass our plan to end, the irresponsible Trump shutdown ABC's Mary Bruce reporting from Washington, the loss of a crispy cream donuts truck has some cops in Kentucky singing, the blues selection. Ten police department posted pictures of several of its officers morning. A burnt crispy cream truck with the caption, no words police departments across the country. Saw the joke and responded with their own condolences. Crispy cream even got involved in the fun tweeting, quote were thinking of you during this difficult time and have more donuts on the way, and quote radio six ten WTVN sports, the big ten conference needed the buckeyes helped to finish the bowl season above five hundred and no issue came through with a twenty eight twenty four win over Washington last night in the Rose Bowl. It's the buckeyes eighth Rose Bowl victory. NHL the jackets looked to win their second in a row and seven of their last eight as they take on Carolina on Friday puck drops at seven thirty and some sad.

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