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Of king soopers and city market is facing criticism after its credit card machines went down for almost an hour all across the country on a busy Christmas Eve day shoppers buy the groceries were told they could only pay in cash when Kroger employees could not figure out how to get the credit card transactions to work shoppers without cash were forced to abandon their carts and start over at a different store Kroger's released a statement saying the EBT system was down for a short period of time and has since been fixed the Broncos Phil believes he gets to be home for the holidays the Broncos head coach Vic Fangio giving the team Wednesday off to celebrate Christmas second year running back fill oblivion omitted that he had not spent much time thinking about how lucky he is to play for his hometown team during the holidays this is a little thing that is obviously a really big thing a lot of these players are going to be missing their families if they're not here so I I guess I did take that for granted so I'm I'm excited I do get to to have the opportunity to be with my family starting right tackle John James said Tuesday he won't play Sunday when the raiders come to town but rookie left guard dog Reisner said he'll be a hundred percent after battling the flu last Sunday and sitting out the second half against Detroit and you see a training center I'm reading crystal Kaylee news I NORAD's Santa tracker has Santa heading to Rwanda after finishing up an error trail and so for about three billion gifts have been delivered to you can track Santa online at NORAD Santa dot org our next update at two o'clock I'm Susan would get on K. away eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM the voice of Colorado down here to check on traffic.

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