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Garin, it doesn't hurt you at all. I you know what you're doing. The switch it up I wanted a full. You guys and I'm thinking I low. That means Matt Win that again. All Right Kevin Cronin has been our guest. Kevin could we talk? I? Talked about how it's important for you to get a laugh from from median, but also could. I asked close up with one last song. After you tell the story, because that's awesome, yes. So. Who is I meant to ask this earlier, but would you mentioned that you have a list of the made comedians left? You have one that stands out more than the others. Why do it's a pretty impressive list and but I'll say that for the book so. I gotta say something. When you, when when does the book to come out or if you're still working out of probably twenty twenty one, I would imagine. I would have to finish in order for it to come out I would just have to finish that? Make sense really kind of the problem. Among my I believe this is rewrite number eight. To finish, but but in my defense I heard that springsteen whose book I didn't read 'cause I didn't WanNa be unduly influenced. I heard he did nine, and that it took him seven and a half years so I'm. I'm three and a half years in started as an accident of course. But right so. Comedians, I love Comedians I've the utmost respect the stand up comedian. It's the hardest job in the world as we as we talked about earlier so. But to get a laugh is all right, so my thing is to try to get a laugh comedian so i. My son's can't fight this feeling. Comes on the radio. As Ryan Gosling actor, Ryan Gosling and and director Nicholas R. E. F. N.. Highly regarded director. They've always wanted to work together, so they get together for dinner in La. And and Ryan is sick and the dinner doesn't go well, and they're in this car and they're driving hallman. There's awkward silence. Gosling goes for the radio can't fight. This feeling comes up. At that moment. Both of them. Come up with this idea for a movie. And it's called drive right so the movies dried. It's a IT'S A. Fast cars. It's not a comedy. Albert Brooks plays like the baddest bad ass. Bad Guy. You're totally against type. Albert is one of the funniest guys in the world so he. He doesn't have one. Funny Line in the movie. He's just a total a hole. So all right so I, get invited my wife and I get invited to a party You know like a I don't know something to do with the movie and we're seeing pretty small room. Not a huge group were were seated at a table for eight or other comedians in the room at different tables, the table next to mine. On literally back to back. Up to come back I noticed. It's tricking Albert Brooks so unlike I'm so close and yet so far away so at my table, and a and I and I walk around. I, you know when you see people, you know one of those parties you walk up their table Yes. Say Hello. But I didn't have the guts, because applebrook was right next to me to get up and go over to his table just I i. don't know so I couldn't think of anything to say and you know and you know I'm wanting to get a laugh. I go there and stiff for our books. It's like. It's going to ruin the night so yeah. So here we are. We're on the last ones to lead. The party were out outside of Chateau, Mont in it's this beautiful old hotel with a cobblestone driveway that comes up a mets where they the ballet brings your car, so Leeson are standing there talking, and then up across the driveway walks I see over out my peripheral vision. It's Albert Brooks and his wife. I Save Elise lease. In you're not gonNA. Believe who Stanton Dot Look Albert Brooks is standing right there. She goes. Is he talking to his wife on like? This is my chance enough, she goes. Is he talking to his life? No all right as long on your -rupt him. You can. You can make your move and should know this because i. Want to talk to human beings. that. So. So I walked across the thing. I walk up to Albert Brooks I. Extend My hand. And and he spends his, so that's a good sign and I go. Hi, Albert my name's Kevin. Saw The movie. You were hysterical. and. He literally did a spit. Take because it was interim. Yeah! Right, yes, Gorgeous! I mean that was. That was that was comedy writer Type Ship Yeah Not that I'm unsigned micro all the way but. I gotTa Spit Take Algebra of it was one of the pinnacles of my. Career and there's plenty more. We're GONNA look one way to find out. Will you also talk about your appearance? The ban was in the TV show Ozark with that also in the book that will yes, there the yes, that was a guy that was just such an amazing experience since it kind of just happened. I would be remiss. Thank you for bringing up to not. To not thank. Wealth chasing minute starts at the top, but the whole. ozark thing Laura Linney mean like just. You know it starts at the top everybody. There was totally cool. They treated us with such A. They shouted us out. They actually tummy. Shocks pointed out to me that they actually referred to are banned in episode one season three as the wagon. Means we're going to see. The wagon. The Guy from the dentist's. Convention says all right. We'll hold our event on your river if you can guarantee the wagon. Come on. Lockdown saying I do and okay, there was only one. There was one thing that was a little Squirrelly, and that is that in the. Said okay. You know what's the scene about? And they told us they told me that. in the Seen My. Manager, dicky! Calls. The lead singer and REO speedwagon cab. And and and. And realizing offer from from Mardi bird that. That Reo speedwagon launder a large sum of drug cartel money through our merch. Booths and four that for the effort will be paid, one hundred thousand extra dollars for the GIG and Cav who you don't hear or see but on the other end blind. Agrees. To launder itself. This is problematic in in more than one way first of all. Every other character. In ozark is. Is a fictional character. There was a time where I would say I was semi fictional. But nowadays I pride myself on being strictly nonfiction, so so mark. It's not Jason, Bateman. Laundering money. It's Mardi, bird, logger money, but enlisting it's cavs. I'm agreeing to launder cartel money. and. Even worse and I expressed to Jason and he he he he took the bullet. I I'll say for their back. I said Jason I would do it for one hundred. I mean we're talking. To Fit. Queen Clear Mil- minimum..

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