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The traffic ministrations says it's reached an agreement with Congress to avoid in October 1st government shutdown, but the two sides remain grit. Log to every new Corona virus. Really? Fac Ege U. S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is optimistic on an economic recovery. The president I couldn't be more pleased with the way the economic plan is working. We've injected $3 trillion into the economy. People thought we'd get 25% Unemployment fortunate. Never came close to that weird dad down to 8.4. But the president, I believe we should do more stimulus Mnuchin on Fox News Sunday. Excessive heat and dry conditions feeling major wildfires in California, one trapped campers in the Sierra National Forest, forcing crews to evacuate them overnight by helicopter. This brutal hate wreaking havoc on California trails in the Santa Monica Mountains and Malibu are now closed through Labor Day weekend. Tigers apparent heat related death Yesterday. Meantime, firefighters are working 22 major wildfires burning in this state right now. Also, thousands of people are heading to California beaches. The large crowds worrying health officials about the potential spread of Corona virus. Thanks is Christina Coleman. The city Rochester, New York, has been barred by several nights of protests and riots after body Cam video was released of the arrests and restraint of March of Daniel proved who died several days later. They're lovely. Warren today said she's expanding mental health services. We are doubling the availability of mental health professionals. We will take our family crisis intervention team are facet. Out of the police department and move it and its funding to the Department of Youth and Recreation Services. Seven officers involved in the incident have been suspended in a grand jury will look into prudes Death America is listing Fox News. From the Ford Center. Credit Union Homeland's traffic Center. Traffic is mostly smooth around Danbury highways as we get further into the afternoon 75 I for our slow right now.

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