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And the thing is you don't think of cities if she's being deter Bjork, it's not even really into mystics like I said unless they have some kind of help. But since brother is goes apper, so a lot of people throughout his career didn't really think he was amount of quarterhorse. He started off with really pretty top class sprinter until they started stretching him out, and he'd get, you know, get kept Kevin stronger fathering went but music was a pure sprinter. And basically, you know, sired mostly mostly sprinters. So, but he he does have the help female family. There's a lot. There's a lot to like and the early the early returns here, you know, even with the sham not scoring out from from a fig standpoint all that, you know, all that high certainly stylish victory going back to Saturday gun metal grey who very patiently handled by Mike Smith talk a little bit. Let's get into the sham and the Muccio macho man performances, Steve. And then we'll start to look ahead. A little. Well, I mean, I mean as much this way. I mean, nobody really blew me away in the race. I mean in in both races. They again, I don't you know, like to bills too much on on times, and and fractions too much. But in both the stakes races in both races. They came they came home in twenty seven one. And I'm I can understand if they come home and twenty five twenty five three twenty eight you know, depending on the condition of the track, but you know, when both horses come home and twenty seven and one they both come home to list eighth and fourteen and change at least did in that field. I think that's wonder main reasons, you know, the fact that Coliseum no running at all, you know, after his disastrous start so he was basically out of the race. And then, you know, they cut up pretty decent fractions and forty six in change and. And he just called home and good middle grades. Just had. You know, the experience in talent to run down those horses. I mean, swing your finish. Second ran a good race even much better. Who press the pace the Baffert's other voice ran a decent race. But. You know, my my scene derby horses come out of there. Yeah. I don't want to touch off of one start. But I didn't see any this race. Because I mean, gut male great even though he was running last early. He should've won. I mean when you come home that slow you better. Catch those front coming twenty seven one you better catch them. So we'll see what happens when he runs against better, horses and. And the race itself is more Janet. And again, you know with Coliseum out of the race. You really couldn't you really couldn't. Definitively say, oh, yeah. That was that was a terrific performance. And then as far as the move. So macho man, you know, it was you know, it was a race. I mean me hose it good. I like the fact it was Jimmy jerkins definitely would love to see him having Turbie horse and the horse was coming off a couple of sprint races. But any ran you ran a game race. I thought the run down trophy case. But it did look like trophy case. And we starting to get tired at the end. Then again, I mean he was and again, they came home and fourteen and one the last eight and twenty seven one the last the last quarter. So somebody somebody had to catch him. And the fact again like Coliseum in KOTA von or just was never in the race. You know, he he get kind of a, you know, bad start. I think he caused most of himself. But I mean, you know, he got bumped it to start. But he was he was never really ever fire. All never looked. Comfortable. No, we've just never did amount of anything do track Shiva sent him up to New York. So you know, there's just don't like it down there. But we call him running poorly in one race in code of honor run poorly in the other race. There were many horses left to really the really win. Now. The funny thing is that it would to other races run over the weekend that I was much much more impressed with and the the one that's two one race, especially which I think by far was the strongest lace of the weekend was a maiden race..

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