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First off before we get into this have you have you have you had there's these new snack dorito got me other day i was in the outline impulse buy they had a little snack thing there is really craving his neck so they had like the snapback doritos is now making their peanuts and they're encrusted like dorito show i don't even know how i feel about that so you hate peanuts so how you feel about it i'm not crazy about doritos knife look how you feel about it is pretty clear after doritos are two chips as oreo cookies they're both wonderful used to love doritos so loud because they're too crunchy is it because you have to lick your fingers after consuming them no give me an all of the crunch new york post bosses doritos have revealed that they are going to launch a new family as use me lady for family version lady friendly version of the snack which is quieter to eat it a lot less messy lady friendly myself as the pet friendly snack food and drinks giant pepsico they owned rita has claimed a research found that women do not like to crunch loudly or lick their fingers when eating in front of others such change the recipe for all of doritos not don't really right i want crunch i wanna lick my fingers yeah that's fine but don't gender specific your studies about crunchy chips they say that global chief executive for freakonomics says although women would love to crunch chips crisps loudly lick their fingers or poor crumbs from the bag into their mouths afterwards they prefer not to do this in public i got no problems with that i'd do it all the time you watch a lot of young guys eat chips they love their doritos and they lick their fingers with great glee and when they reach the bottom of the bag they pour the little pieces into their mouth is all those are true very very true statement says there's a science to it public because they because they don't wanna lose that taste the flavor and the broken chips the bottom women would love to do the same but the don't they don't like to crunch too loudly in public lick their fingers that's what the research shows that they want to appear ladylike so far consider lady like to do those things so it's not a male and female as much as there are snacks for women that could be designed and packaged differently and yes they said they were looking at it we're getting ready to launch a bunch of them soon the the low low crunch triangular snacks soggy go imagine that they wouldn't be crunchy dorito noodles dorito pitas to read a pita that's a really good idea pita bread cas come in specialty pack specifically designed to fit into women's handbags you'll get a low crunch dorito to fit into your clutch so many different purse sizes also because you've got like giant bag that you can basically fit yourself into and then you also have your clutches so what are we talking about here it really low crunch and i mean this seems like such a tone deaf thing in today's climate to go ahead and do would you be surprised in the story a a women's group is already complaining no no i don't blame them a spokesman for the women's equality party said companies that perpetuate these tired of gender stereotypes we'll continue to lose out on the biggest consumer group women let me is okay hold on hold on i'm gonna push back on that a little bit you do you there's tons of gender specific things in society and the reality is if thereto was to go and make a lady friendly chip and they feel like there's a market for it they will find out in fairly short order whether or not there is a market for it i don't like this idea that suddenly now perpetuate these tire does gender stereotypes eric all kinds of different gender stereotypes yeah two women it's market yeah you can have the same exact product package two different ways one geared towards men one geared store george.

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