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Right so the bash returns to camino that is the planet where the clones are made okay and they learned that the war is over inside the barracks hunter and hair continued to disagree over following or not following orders specifically in this case order. Sixty six echo and the others however agree with hunter. None of this makes sense to them and crosshairs doesn't really have an argument for why it makes sense. He just says good. Soldiers follow orders. Like he's just kinda like is an order. We're supposed to do this. You didn't do it. Yeah he doesn't even understand why he's just arguing that it has to happen because that's what good soldiers do and the rest of them are like. Yeah no dude. Yes echo reveals that. The natives to camino are the ones that built the joy they kinda like those long necked giraffe looking alien species. And he's like yeah well they're kind of preprogrammed to follow orders and the other guys are like but it didn't work on us. He is like yard. Our dna is different. And so this is the bat will litters the bad batch now. So you have hunter. He's the leader. He has increased senses. Wrecker has increased strength tech has intelligence crosshairs shooting abilities and echo if you remember echo. He's actually from the clone wars and although he was originally a rag as the bad batch calls the other clone troopers he was damaged after the battle and geico minor and he was alive. He's alive because anikin devised a plan to rescue him along with captain rex and they kind of he's now more man than machine essentially so that's why i didn't work on him either. A general assembly is called. Where emperor powell teens address from star wars episode. Three revenge of the city is played. This is actual audio from the film with an mcdiarmid. Reprising his roles pal. So gotta love when they you know. Keep it in the universe. The imperial march can be heard in the scene playing in the background. You know the bad batch are kinda like okay. The war's over but this doesn't they're still like confused about order. Sixty six and why it had to happen and you know again like the other. Clones are like in unison and echo and tekere kinda like and you didn't think their mind controlled like these guys the bad batch of the only ones kinda just like not doing that. They're like what's going on. Will my love their like walking in the hallway when they first land to their ship and was it tech that ran into the And he was like oh now. They seem the same way. They always do so. The bad badges treated poorly by the other clones. Despite the fact that the bad batch is more powerful than a typical clone. But okay so funny. Yes in the hallway badge meets omega. She is a young girl. Who is an assistant to lama. Su who is one of the People say their name that live on camino the people that engineered these clones. Omega is the only female clone in existence that is important to note general target arrives because.

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