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Happen. Especially not in the course of six years. I do have another question here from David ST Pete Beach, and Dave asks. How long should an A C check up? Take our current company only spent about 20 minutes here every spring, but charges us $89 each time and he doesn't feel like he's getting his money's worth, and that's understandable with just a 20 minute visit. Well, that's what we call tail light tune ups. You know, you can literally watch his van tail lights go down the street long longer than it took to do his so called to listen of your current A C company isn't taken at least 60 to 90 minutes to do a complete tune up inspection of your system. You're really wasting your money. First of all, I really like the whole tail light tune up saying that's a very clever. That's crazy, though. I mean, what all should a tuneup entail? Um, heat wave are tuned up usually takes anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes to complete properly. Our technicians have a 58 point inspection and cleaning checklist. They have to complete 58 things that is, That is a lot of things in an air conditioning system. There's no way there's not many things to check. Yeah, Actually, they're fencing systems are actually pretty complex, some more than others. You know, most people don't know They're more than six type of air conditioning systems. Such a single speed, multi speed and so on. Um, which all are going to fit your home, But they all provide different levels of comfort, and it's amazing How I could walk into a home at the comfort level can vary so much from one house. The next spin whatever you you have installed, you know, our technicians are going to go through your system with a fine tooth comb. It's a very thorough Cleaning inspection, and that's why it takes a long a zit does. You'd actually be amazing how thorough my technicians are? That's I mean, that's insane. I didn't know about the majority of things you just said I didn't know there was 58 things to check in. And a C. So what does Heat wave charge? For one of the 58 point a C tune ups? I would imagine a couple $100, right. Uh, well, actually, the what? What? It actually costs too. Run a tune up and to know properly is about $180. But not everybody's going to spend $180 to get there. A sea service. What? So what we're more interested in is we create lifelong customers. And so what? We do, so you get to know us. We get to know you and we have come up with that are 58.2? No, Actually, we charged $89 for that for first time customers. Wow, that's incredible. $89. That is definitely not the price I thought you were going to say. And although I do think it's a great price, just curious. I'm going to take a shot in the dark here. Do you think it's possible to give our listeners a special price? You know, just for our show listeners Because I bet there's a lot of people right now that would rather get a realtor tuneup done instead of one of those. What did you call him? Tail light tune ups tune ups here Well, Since you asked what we condemn you is I can do a radio show is special for you For first time customers you have to. They have to be the home owners of the property. And this deal would be $49. I could do $40 off our normal $89 Price. Aziz Long is your first time customer and you're the actual home owner of the property and Umm we could we could go ahead and do the $49. Eso again. If you wantto write down our number, call us. It's 81371057577105757. Again. It's 813. 7105757. And when you call our office, they're gonna need your name, phone number and address to set the appointment And just make sure that you heard that me mentioned on the radio show the kitchen for the $49. Well, that's incredible. I was really just taking a shot in the dark there, and I figured if anything, you'd maybe not $10 off, but you almost just cut the price in half. So that's amazing. I wasn't expecting that good of a deal. So thank you for that, too. Well, you know, we're always looking to gain new customers and show what we can do. Uh, people are impressed. And you know, there's two core things that I built my business on this doing the right thing, And honestly, there are way too many people out there that have been under serviced. And don't know what a good tune up actually is. And the second thing the reason why I do this is for referrals does I know? But if I give a new customer great deal, and they see how well we service their equipment They're going to tell all their friends and family and then that brings in just a solid stream of referral customers. And as we all know, referral customers are essential to a business. We'll dance. Thank you. That's amazing, and I do have just a few more questions from listeners. We are going to go to break right now. But as soon as we get back, there are tons of questions. I promise. If you've emailed us, you have some A C questions. We are going to get them address with Dan. We have more on the way Coming up on news radio w F ELLA IN just a few minutes with Dan Billingsley, president of Heat Wave heating, cooling and plummet. Pascoe news radio wofl a 99.1.

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