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Bars taken off the street. Mr. were she has spent his entire adult life in prison yet even while in prison in the witness protection program, he continued to help long for help put away twelve corrupt public officials and after thirty one years in prison. I think it's fair to say that Mr. where she has paid his debt to society. And then some frankly, I don't think the tax payers Florida benefit by him being behind bars. One more day. He's been a model prisoner has an incredible support group, and I'm really blown away frankly by his positive attitude considering all that he has been through. And I believe if given a second chance, there's no doubt in my mind, Mr. where she will be a model citizen and governor with your permission. I would ask Herman groman to now. Speak your remember her from operation backbone? Good morning. Thank you. Thank you for having me. He was the lead agent in the effort to bus dirty cops and mayor Coleman Young's brother-in-law Willie Bolson who's protecting drug shipments in the early nineties in Detroit a dozen people were arrested and convicted all because Rick was willing to watch for an undercover FBI agent posing as a Miami drug dealer looking to bring cocaine shipments into Michigan groman promised Rick. You would repay him by doing everything and anything he could to win is released from prison. So I'm here today on my own free will. I'm not under subpoena. And I'm here because I believe that a great injustice to Richard worship junior has been done by the government groman focused on where she's invaluable informant help to law enforcement in Michigan is a fourteen year old teenager and as an inmate in the nineteen nineties after his drug conviction. He supported the role of an undercover agent who was introduced to these corruptly sophists, and as a result eleven or twelve of these police officers in some additional public officials were convicted and receive substantial prison sentences thirty plus years, they are out, but groman never mentioned Rix crime in Florida or how he has repented or help law enforcement since committing the car theft ring crime in Florida in two thousand six with the ten minute time. Limit closing in Rick's team, suddenly stopped groman in mid sentence. Do we have another agent? You do you guys? You guys have a couple more minutes that FBI agent was. Schwartz and I've been associated with the FBI for forty seven years. He stood up and explained he was the lead on the Johnny curry drug organization case a major drug bust that came about because then fourteen year old Rick worship became friends with the Curry's and fed. The FBI information that led to police rates and the fall of the criminal organization and during my time, I have come to know Richard were she for the last thirty two years. He and I have had two conversations each week for thirty two years during that period. I have come to know him as somebody who's sincere. Who's honest who has never lied to me about anything. We've spoken over the over the time period about a number of different events current events. How he would handle the situation his contributions to society, and I fully. Recommend him for. Clemency. He's contributed greatly to law enforcement. I challenge anybody to tell me one prisoner who has contributed more to law enforcement than this, man. It was an emotional plea. But again, no mention of Rick's car-theft involvement in Florida or how Rick is a better person today. No mention that every year for the past five years. Rick has helped organize a food drive that feeds the poor and the Detroit neighborhood he grew up in no mentions of the numerous pieces of artwork. Rick is drawn and donated to various charities the Florida clemency board jumped in and the hearing took a quick turn. Here's newly elected governor and clemency board member. Ron santa's. I appreciate that. But isn't I mean, he was committing crimes in prison? Correct. I mean in early two thousands. He was involved with the multi-state auto theft ring that was moving stolen cars and cocaine from Miami up to Virginia. So he had been helping you guys and then turned around and engage in additional criminal misconduct. And that's the reason why he's in Florida prison. Correct. That's true. Okay. That's true. I appreciate his health. But I think camps at you need to take a look at the totality over the last thirty two years of everything that he has done and contributed. I think that's fair. But I think that you know, when he's described as a model prisoner a model prisoner. Does it commit additional felonies in prison? I mean, I think that's just he's he's thinking undermines the case that try to say that had any tickets while he's been in prison agent Schwartz pointed out despite breaking the law from behind bars that one time Rick has never been a problem for prison officials in more than thirty years due to the witness protection program. He's been transferred to thirteen different prisons and each and every time he's been transferred. I've received telephone calls from the his handler saying why is this guy here? But the board made it clear they were more interested in the crime. Rick did commit while in prison is anyone have any questions or Florida attorney general Ashley moody is it is true that most of your involvement with him deals with his charges and sentenced and Michigan is that correct? That's true. And then when he was transferred to Florida and housed in prison here, which is when he. Did the multi-state over one hundred car grand theft auto wing from prison. Correct. And that's what he received five years in prison in Florida for keep in mind. When was that yet? When was that a yes? I think so you didn't have any dealings with him or hand in his regards to the theft drink from prison in Florida. And in on that Senate important to know one moment when I'm still asking you a question on that sentence. He received five years and was given credit for already for four hundred eighty eight days on a five year sentence for multi-state over one hundred and fifty car grand theft ring from Florida. And you didn't have any hand in that particular case. Agent. Groman jump back up to try and right the ship. You know, I'd I'd like to address that if I made sure I was still in the FBI at that at that point. And I was contacted by Florida authorities. So when I talked to wishing following that I said, what did you do? He immediately confessed to it. I wrote that report up based on his confession and submitted to the Miami office when I asked him what his involvement was in this case, he told me that he had very minimal involvement. The investigation showed that it he provided. I believe one vehicle that turned out to be stolen to his sister and his mother and Michigan. That's what I was told with the ten minute time window now past former FBI agent. Herb groman made one final plea. This kid is no angel but he's not a kid anymore. He has served his community. He served the federal government. He served state government. And he did screw up. There's no question about that. I believe he's done. He's time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We will take the case under consideration. I thank you gentlemen, for your for your willingness to come and appear next case. Rick

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