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For us to play the way we have the last three weeks. We've talked about momentum and just kind of carrying it over Start with one win. Then we kind of we carried over into two now three and so, um One more opportunity we've We've got to make the most of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton after leading the team to an impressive win against the Eagles yesterday and 80 anti stadium Good morning from our WB AP Sports Says him Steve Lemma cowboys crushed the Eagles 37 to 17. The same time that was going on Washington losing the Carolina, which leaves the door open, barely, but it's open for Dallas to still stay in the conversation of making the postseason. They need Washington to lose again this coming Sunday night to the Eagles, and the Cowboys have to do their part by beating the Giants. In East Rutherford, New Jersey, We can't really worry about what everyone else is doing control we can control and I think that's what I've been doing. Obviously, there's a lot of things that has to fall in place and The fish meant to be is meant to be, But you know our jobs, go out there and put our best foot forward on the field and take care of everything we have going in ahead of us and let's we'll do next week. Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory, all of a sudden defense looks pretty good on the offense is clicking. On a team that's won three in a row six and nine. Playing in the division that won't have a team with a winning record. The Giants can also make the playoffs if they beat Dallas in Washington loses. It's a mess, but it's the NFC East This year. Cowboy fans will take a trip to the playoffs any way they can get their the only team eliminated right now Philadelphia losing for the sixth time in their last seven games. When they got beat yesterday. I've got a question real quick, Steve. What happens? In the event of a covert outbreak. Does. The Cowboys have avoided this throughout the year? They'll push the schedule around We we've already the playoffs that we've seen this with Baltimore..

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