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Are all doing well on this tuesday. We've been coming at you on mondays. The past couple of weeks bringing you the water cooler chat and i'm flying solo today. The past couple of weeks some great guests strawberry ice jeff. Trenopolje green green the orange. Ero i should say Derek joining us air and happy to have both of them with us the past couple of weeks. And now we're gonna talk. I'm i'm going solo. Go i apologize to those who are tuning in for the live broadcast. I know you're supposed to live a little bit earlier than expected Just been rounding up some information for all of you got a lot to comb through a lot to get to and really get to all of its wanted to make sure i had as much information as possible so that we can slam you with all kinds of different stuff going on with the cincinnati bengals. They've seen north. The rest of the nfl as training. Camps are in full swing. As of tuesday it is the first fully padded practice for the cincinnati bengals and a lot of sites and sounds from that courtesy of all kinds of great great media members in the cincinnati media. They are doing a great job covering training camp for is making our jobs Easier and making us as fans Given us all kinds of different content video content all kinds of stuff. So thank you to all the great cincinnati media members out there before we get to all of this stuff. I wanna do a little bit of housecleaning with some different pieces of information for all of you. I everybody i don. I don't get to see all of you look So last week we were privileged enough to have both ken anderson and ken riley second join us for the podcast was along podcast long show but an awesome one and i highly recommend that you check out those interviews. We had a great time. Talking about their careers can riley seniors at is as well as that of ken anderson. Some thoughts on the current bengals in all kinds of different things as well as the great work. Their foundations are doing so we started a charity. Drive we. We made a little bit of a lofty goal. Two thousand twenty one dollars where were over halfway there and guess what tomorrow afternoon at four thirty pm eastern in case you have not heard we have these third and unfortunately the well. The only other player left that We have yet to interview and the other surviving member of the ring of honor. Class anthony is going to join us the greatest bengal of all of them and he will be joining us at four thirty eastern. We're going to be doing our show at a special time interviewing him and Talking to him and hopefully raising some more money for his great foundation is well. We wanna make a big impact for them. So you want to join us. Four anthony munoz and of course a lot of other things with our show. Tomorrow should be a very very good one and if you can please. Here's what will send you the link here to the go fund me that we have set up here and you can donate to this great. 'cause we're going to divvy up evenly among the three great charities all of your donation so even if you if you want to do thirteen bucks for ken riley's jersey number. If you wanted to fourteen for ken anderson's jersey number. If you want to do fifteen combining seven and hate for anthony ios jersey number. You're welcome to do that to even just a little bit so we reach our goal and make a big impact for these charities. That would be so great to see. And i thank you all already for all of your donations. If you haven't gotten it to us yet get in contact with us with your shipping information. Because we're going to be given out prizes to folks in we wanna make sure that we get you in on that so one let you know about all that and Will will hopefully seeing tomorrow. As we interview. Anthony munoz and continue our charity fest as well as our normal show that we we do on wednesday. So let's let's we're going to kind of start from the weekend meeting saturday. What has transpired from saturday with bengals camp that is and then of course up to now. So there's been quite a few developments quite a few things quite a few events cool sites and sounds from camp from from cincinnati bengals. And and what they're doing there. I wanna start with our a little video here from our good friend. Bengals jim in his twitter account This is this is kind of a cool thing here. Let's let's rewind it from the beginning this him walking up on the On the back together saturday. Look at the crowd. If you were there we'd love to see some pictures and videos and whatnot but thousands and thousands of people on hand for that practice. The first one that fans were able to attend since twenty nineteen first training camp that fans practice that fans were able to attend since before the pandemic and they came out in droves really cool site bunch support for the cincinnati. Bengals as you saw pictures within the stadium as they were practising you could see. I mean it was almost it was almost as full as a An end of the year game when the bengals out of the playoffs. It looked like they were just a lot of people there. So you have some some footage or or photos from your time there. We'd love to see those and get those to us please. stuff at least from the sites Aspect of get together back together. Saturday rather with the bengals here are. This is on cincy. Jungle dot com. We're going to kind of bounce around a little bit on where we are going to share some of the items that we normally share here. This is from cincy. Jungled dot com bengals. Four takeaways highlights from bengals saturday. Training camp practice. This is from jason markham. A lot of this stuff is not only from what we've heard but also those who were there are good buddy daddy o mcduck mcnew was there and you could see here. Here's another good shot of the lower level here In terms of the crowd but there are you see some good stuff from baroda boyd. Here's here's the thing with with this and you can you know. There's all kinds of different videos that we could share with you here. The thing is friday. The offense had a rough day saturday. The offense looked like it showed up. Rebounded well there were a lot of nice nice connections between borough in his wide receivers happening and all kinds of different all kinds of different things. The offense was achieving. And then you know you've kind of had this back and forth some more things from the offenses this week is started and then today was a little bit more of a of defense. So you know there's it's there's a lot of back and forth this camp. It's not we we've as we've all plays been covering training camp what we've what we've seem to notice is there seems to be certain points of camp.

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