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If that was truly his desire to hike into the Yukon and and and leave his family. He could have done that without killing them. I mean, so It just It's not a strong motive, and it would not. It was a very peculiar way. If you wanted to do this, if you if you wanted to act like she had killed everybody and then shot you in the leg, and it was would have been. It was a very difficult bank shot of a of a conspiracy on his part of that. I mean, there's there. As you pointed, there's so many other ways to do that. I'm talking shot twice. He was shot twice. Not once, but twice. Well, I'm talking. I'm talking to Bill Clutter, who is the lead private investigator in the Christopher von case? Working for the defense and the Christopher von case, and they're trying to, uh, attorneys for Christopher Von are trying to reopen his conviction on the on the murder of his of his wife of Crystal, Vaughn's wife and Children, fairly high profile case in June of 2007. When Kimberly Vaughn in her three young Children were shot to death inside the family's car, they were on their way to a water park. And they pulled over and, uh And then the next thing we know they people are passing by. Passersby are seeing Christopher von with the boat wound in his leg. And he's saying he doesn't remember what happened and the trial went very The jury deliberations went very quickly. Do you think that he was He was represented? Well at trial. Well, no, I I I don't hold that opinion. And, you know, part of the problem is, you know I got I got appointed because when Governor George Ryan declared a moratorium on the death penalty once the flaws of the cases like Rolando Cruz and Alejandro Hernandez came to light, um they provided resources to prevent the conviction of innocent person facing the death public. Well, you know, I had worked as the fact investigator for four years, absorbing off the details of this case and trying to figure out how Chris's blood, warmed up on his wife's seat belt and never could figure that out. But we got discharged as a defense team wants the death penalty was abolished. And you know you credited my work, among others, as as having contributed that, but to the detriment of Chris Bond, he lost those resources and so In about a little more than a year after we were dismissed from the case he goes to trial was a new team of attorneys who are trying to get up to speed. But, you know, you know we have been Absorbing the details and nuances of the case for four years. And, you know, I don't think he got the the the resources he deserved. None of the experts that we have developed were called particularly the thing that really convinced me that this was a murder suicide was a year after this happened, the FDA recommended a black box warning for Topamax. One of the medications Kimberly was taken because she was Developing stress induced migraine headaches. The other medication was nor Tripoli, which also has the side effect of potential suicide. But in this case, the adverse offense reporting and in clinical trials showed that there was a statistically significant increase of suicidal thoughts and behaviors of people taking Topamax and you know, it's not like Chris would have had to, you know, but he couldn't have envisioned the future to plan this as part of his scheme. I mean, this was a year after it happened and and and mortality was when we finally Develop the ballistic evidence. One of the shots was clearly fired from the passenger seat as the and the angles of all the other shots were consistent with that. But we actually had a trajectory, which is now available on our website, www. Investigating innocence dot org and people can see for themselves the evidence that this was a Indeed, a murder suicide. Now this see this podcast is hosted by Loren Bray Pacheco and you are A frequent contributor. You're she interviews you? She talks to you. She calls you and and and, uh and and one of the things that happens during this during this podcast and again. The last episode is at one point. She she calls you up at the in the last episode, and she says, I just got Copy of a letter that that Christopher von is sent to his family. And I'm going to read it to you. Are you sitting down? Because this is new information in this case, and I'm going to ask you to reveal what was in that letter and talk about it and why it is so important, but first, let's take a break. I'm Eric Zorn sitting in for Patti Vasquez on W C P T A M. Safe money radio. Risky investments should be retirement tools mostly used for the young or the extremely wealthy. It's too often they are used for those who are in or approaching retirement that cannot afford to lose their money. Also, just because your broker tells you it's safe doesn't make it true..

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