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United States, Los Angeles, Vice President discussed on The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal


In grass valley thirty five in south Lake Tahoe ended his fifty eight now in Sacramento and at six forty two time for case top national stories. Bipartisan conference committee will talk water security tomorrow for the first time since the government shutdown was lifted. It's also the first meeting for the group that's in a race to reach a deal before another shutdown could take place in February fifteenth homeland security says the US has turned back first asylum seeker from the southern border under the Trump administration's new policy requiring people to wait in Mexico for their cases to work through the court system. Venezuelan officials met with vice president Pence at the White House to work on installing the government that the US little officials telling vice president Pence a quote from ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Venezuela would have a new birth of freedom Venezuelan fares Carlos Vecchio at the White House thanking the US for blocking his country's oil imports to pressure the Maduro regime to step down. This is a fight between democracy and dictatorship Andy Field. ABC news, Washington, Los Angeles, mayor Garcetti says he won't run for president in two thousand twenty. Daria Albinger, ABC news. Now. More of our top stories here on NewsRadio cave became Trump's longtime associate Roger stone is pleading not guilty stolen was in a d c court this morning for arraignment. He's charged with obstruction lying to congress and witness tampering. As part of the special counsel's investigation into Russian meddling of the two thousand sixteen presidential election. He's free now on a quarter million dollars bond. California's Senator Kamla Harris says the attack on empire's star jussie smollet is an tempted modern day lynching Chicago police says saying that his attackers yelled, racial, and homophobic, slurs and then beat him at one point one of the attackers slipped a rope around his neck, they all support an unknown chemical substance Harris tweeted support for small at saying he is one of the kindest most gentle human being she knows the democratic presidential hopeful also said no one should fear for their life because of their sexuality or their skin color experts say deadly shootout that injured five narcotics. Please officers serving a search warrant on a house in Houston illustrates the dangers of such operations. That's primarily because the officers are entering unknown territory. The officers injured came under immediate attack Monday afternoon. I from a pit bull then from a man and a woman who were both killed in an exchange of fire four officers were shot a fifth suffered a knee injury. Houston police chief art Esa veto says his agency prepares an operations plan and a threat assessment of the location where officers plan to serve warrants, but he says there is no such thing as the routine serving a warrant a death couple from California alleges that gate agent for Delta Airlines discriminated against them metro Detroit metro airport. They say they tried to communicate with an agent Sunday about getting seats next to each other on a flight to Los Angeles. The couple says the agent threw away the paper they were riding on an rolled her eyes Garcia says in a Facebook video that he tried to retrieve the paper, but the agent called police in alleged that Garcia assaulted her. Couple was ultimately denied. Boarding a spokesman for Delta Airlines says the agency threw away the paper because she thought the conversation was over and that she felt threatened because Garcia aggressively. They say went behind the ticket counter, which is against the law. The Delaware artists who created that. Fearless girl statue is being sued by a group that says while she failed to make a nine foot bronze replica of Alexander Hamilton, the US coca scarred academy. Alumni associations lawsuit says that Kristen visible breached twenty eight thousand dollar contract. Create the statue the lawsuit says visible agreed in February of two thousand seventeen to create a preliminary statue of the Hamilton, Peru. Preliminary model I should say of the Hamilton statue or about a month before. Fearless girl appeared a few blocks from the new York Stock Exchange commissioned by an asset management firm to support greater female representation on corporate boards. The association terminated its agreement last June demanding a refund the suit seeks that refund and other fees and over is. Joining in on the Super Bowl wagers. The rideshare service says it will be offering free rides to the city of the losing team either Los Angeles or Boston up to an hour after the game the so-called unhappy. Our promotion is good for fifty bucks per ride on Uber. Uber XL an uberpool the Rams and the patriots go head to head in Super Bowl. Fifty three Sunday at the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta. Six.

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United States, Los Angeles, Vice President discussed on The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

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