Dan Orlovsky, NFL discussed on Holding Court with Geno Auriemma


Yeah about away there's yet is eleven guys on the field and then there's another eleven when the defense comes on and then maybe the sex string guys but the guy on the sideline with the headphones at the quarterback talks to when he walks off the field he's got as much to do with what happens on sunday afternoon as as anybody else in yeah you coming on and talking about a dan thank you no for a guy that was was there when when things were i mean things have been real in there for a long time for you guys so but enjoyed enjoyed being there and being in being a fan of yours and your team so this is kind of a big honor for me so thank you for having me why it and best of luck and if if you ever need anything if this ain't that you can do we can do for you you know where we are and we love to hear from you absolutely because thank you so much for having man all right thanks dan right about by well there you have it amazing guy amazing story dan orlovsky again played in the nfl those years as a as a backup and you got to hear how he prepares what his mindset is during the week how he's responsible for more than what you think of as what he's he's standing on the sideline with a clipboard and what goes into being that guy and the pressures and the the expectations and the trials and tribulations so thank you for joining us we'll be letting you know when our next podcast is going to happen and until then take care thank you for joining us on holding court with geneo rem see you soon.

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